Why Am I here?

I don’t belong here

I don’t belong anywhere

I come from the stars

Not from where humans obsess over cars

Where earths kings drive velvet baby blue Bentleys

And break into houses without house keys

Why am I here I don’t belong

Why does this time on earth feel so wrong

Why does it all seem to fade away

Into eternity day by day

I don’t belong with the rolls Royce phantom 2’s

But it isn’t my choice its what I must do

Until im ready to go back home

Back to my home planet where my homeboys roam

These earth people are so deranged

Their lives consist of nothing ; contrived and arranged

There is no peace there Is no solace

All the darkness All the malice

But why am I here if I don’t belong

Why am I the alien bird whos afraid to sing their song

Why am I the deprived of what I know is mine

Is it my own plan or the plan of the divine

Its not mine it surely isn’t Just like nothing is mine

And nothing is given All is earned in one form or another

Either from past lives, from blunt lies or by what we are driven

That is all