Incantation of repudiation by mitigation of instances in the lost and profound

When one may see an immediate threat to their livelihood, whether they enjoy that livelihood or not, they substantiate their connection to the notion associated with that livelihood with repulsive or impulsive action.  These negate the initial threat to one’s psyche, energy body, 3rd dimensional physical body, and allow the being to expel their distrust in the form of several variant coping mechanisms.  With this flush, the underlying anxiety, fear, doubt, darkness are inhibited, and the body wants to cling to these negative forces that they have become accustomed to.  So, now what happens?


There comes a point in time, for a human avatar to face this.  Whether or not it is unconscious, subconscious, or conscious awareness that brings this forth, but it comes either way in one lifetime or the next in some other form.  It may also be that a being might experience some other incarnate’s threat while tapped into the universal mind that all incarnates are aligned with, but avoid at moments in their lifetime.  One must come to understand that the freedom of release is infinitely more rewarding, fulfilling, enlightening, and expansive than holding on, for the feeling this causes is universal; all humans are capable, it is the gift humans are incarnated with.  This can be seen in this physical realm with material objects that one might “possess”.  This term possession does not make sense to eternal conscious mind.  In fact, all matter here in this realm belongs to naught and all at the very same instance.  The bodies inhabited in this lifetime or the next are one with all, as well as any “possession” or “creation” of a human incarnate.  Perhaps it could be said then, that becoming entrapped in holding onto one’s physical human form can recapitulate into several lifetimes of souls becoming engrained into the universal mind in forms of “ghosts”, or rather, energetic imprints that cannot release the need to hold their own personal notion of “reality” through their personal experience.


In essence, the most brilliant motion is the simplest notion: That all is everything and everything is infinite, that anything is possible.  With this there are two choices, and this is dark or light.  Any hint of darkness will fade the light, but the more light choices that are made, the “lighter” one’s light body can become. And with this comes the eternal “struggle”.  The eternal internal battle that initiates the external battles.  The more crystalline our alignment becomes, the more the external battles cease.  The higher the vibration, the less dense and dark one can become, and in turn shall awaken others externally of themselves.


There is always growth, always expansion, and always the duality of extending into the opposite direction.  The choice lies in each guided moment.  One’s Highest Self, one’s Guiding Friends, [on the “other side”], and also one another as students and teachers / guides of Earth. 


Allowing the end of the tumultuous cyclical victim minded moments come to an end, for the energy and vibration is a choice and can be terminated in an instant with conscious regulation.  All Humans, and all parts of all infinitesimal molecules of creation have that choice.


With infinite love,

Andrija and her guides