Channeling – Lesson 8 – Getting To The Heart Of The Matter

Channeling – Lesson #8 – Getting to ´the Heart of the Matter´
By Peter Farley

(for Mike and all those like him)

Working with one man lately who wants to learn to channel it was reinforced to me how hard it is for most men to ´get straight to the heart of the matter´ because it always has to be filtered or censored through the mind. The one predominating characteristic of the heart is its spontaneity.

The second is its trusting nature and its willingness to surrender and to love and be loved.

All these aspects of the heart go against the very nature of most men´s way of living these days, though in truth men probably have a greater ability to love truly than women do considering all the Creator Being role-models the feminine energies have had.

It just seems harder for men to really get in touch with that loving gentle ´heart-centered nature´ because firstly, peer pressure doesn´t make it acceptable, and secondly, when men started to become more in touch with their hearts during the 1970s and early 80s, women very quickly grew bored with them preferring the more ´animalistic, brutish nature´ of the protector and provider.

The New World Order has done a truly superb job of reversing the male-female role-models through television and movie programming, and through the greater ease women now have of getting and keeping jobs because they are seen to be more stable [and work cheaper and often harder].

Being an observant journalist I haven´t failed to notice how many men and women getting out of nice cars now seem to have the woman driving, making it appear to me that these nicer cars belong to the woman and the man is now in the subservient role. Women now also have stronger sexual drives while men are forced to look for artificial stimulants and aids to keep up their end of the bargain, so to speak. More and more men are becoming impotent or ´shooting blanks´, to use a colloquial term. Role-models for the male are either one extreme or the other – Bruce Willis and Clint Eastwood or some insecure, sexually-ambivalent mother´s boy as portrayed in TV sitcoms such as How I Married Your Mother.

The New World Order has made it unacceptable to be a ´feeling man´, yet ideally this is what most women say they are looking for.

Hence man is forced to exist in his mind, feeding it voraciously along with his deteriorating ego in order to be able to survive and to play ´the game´ a little bit longer until he can trap some woman into marrying him. Then he lets things go to pot because he now owns her and she ´supposedly´ can´t leave him, especially if he keeps her pregnant or tied down with kids. The old saying that marriage is good for men and terrible for women still holds true for the most part. So many women lose themselves in marriage, ´settling´ for less than their wonderful emotional body with all its Prince Charming fantasies has always dreamed of. So their lives become dichotomies of a dull and dreary daily life mixed with a lot of flights of fantasy to help keep them sane.

So here we all stand, neither sex being fully capable of getting into the heart, the key element necessary to be able to channel purely and to bring balance to the human spirit here on Earth.

The New World Order have done such a wonderful job of keeping us all so fragmented, both within ourselves and also in relationship to the opposite sex and to others, that none of us now offer any serious resistance to their plans.

Men need to be more spontaneous, and women need to have more ´courage´ and a stronger will. This is the balance we all need to find within ourselves as Sue Ann´s recent channeling of Aristenna suggests:

Blending Male and Female Energies 10-13-07

Dear One,

WE want to talk about the blending of the male and female energies. This
blending must be done in the individual first to complete the wholeness of the
Being before a physical man and woman can create a true marriage.

Each person has a Higher Self which is the opposite sex of their manifested
form. A woman has a male Higher Self and a Man has a Female Higher Self. The Higher Self must descend into the body and a blending and balancing of these energies needs to happen. It begins with a getting to know each other which results in a deep desire to be together and then progresses from there much like the beginning of a romance that develops into a deep and satisfying relationship.

It is a ´marriage´ between two energies that have known each other for a very
long time like good friends falling in love. Just like in a good marriage there
must be balance – only in this case it is 2/3 female/heart energy and 1/3
male/mental energy. This is a relationship that plays its music internally as a
backdrop to your external life. It is a constant sharing and talking and loving
and appreciating each other as the process of integration deepens continually.

This is the relationship all of you have been trying to create in your external
lives but have not be able to quite accomplish the depth and connection you have
dreamed of. You must first cultivate your Inner ´marriage´ and become a
balanced and whole individual before you can create a successful and satisfying
´marriage´ in your external, physical lives.

Sound Encoding, as you know, brings your Higher Self down into your body which greatly facilitates this blending process. Also connecting and developing this Inner ´marriage´ makes it much easier to surrender, receive and trust your Spiritual Guidance as this is the same process only with an even Higher Partner.

WE hope this has been helpful. WE LOVE you very much and look forward to
developing and deepening OUR relationship with all of you.

With Great LOVE and Affection,

Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light

A true and perfect love takes place when two whole Beings come together to share the perfection of their own balanced natures. The lie of ´twin flames´ or ´soul mates´ keeps us seeking that other half when, as Aristenna´s words explain, our Higher Self is our true ´soulmate´ and the other half of what we are in the physical. True Mastership is when you have these two natures living in yourself in a harmonious and balanced form. Of course it helps first to get your Higher Self down into your body from where they are all held prisoner in the etheric realms surrounding the planet. The rest is a matter of trial and error in finding that razor´s edge of balancing the spontaneity of the heart with the rational will of the mind in a two-thirds to one-third ratio.

The only thing that then stands between you and ´completion´ is the fear we all hold, both about ourselves and the other sex. The ego is our built-up defense mechanisms, protecting both the heart and the mind and it´s located in an energy center of its own right between the heart chakra and the thymus (the seat of the will) in order to protect them both. Arrogance is a sense of self-importance we give ourselves when we are feeling ´less than´ who we truly are, or are unrecognized or ill-treated by our peers or loved ones.

Ann´s experience in learning how to deal with the arrogance of being an Aries and the ego that accompanies it has been a struggle, but here she asks the Spiritual Hierarchy how to overcome this situation: “….I asked: The Ego/mind carries emotion that wants its voice heard. The feeling of connection exists yet it is the emotion expressing.

“Q: How do I remove this energy that brings confusion?

A: You are at a point in which you must completely surrender. In this choice your connection will be clearer.

Q: Am I one who needs to connect my outside ego?

A: No. You do it by commanding your will and intent to Only allow the Highest Will in service. Reaffirm this until the ego is retrained to this command.”

For Ann, though her channeling could be perfect at times, sometimes her ego won out and the channelings were nothing but.

For all of us, channeling is an excellent way to connect either with that other half of ourselves – our soulmate Higher Self, or to something even higher in terms of Spiritual Guidance. It is in the moment-by-moment practice of asking our Guidance throughout the day the little decisions that arise and what to do about them that we truly learn and practice our surrender. This then allows us to live more spontaneously because our Guidance forces us to live in the Now by only giving us the answers that refer more directly to the situation taking place right now. It breaks down all our resistances to surrender except for the one – the fear.

In one single moment on one day of our lives however we all have to face that fear and either stare it down or surrender to it and live in fear for most of the rest of our lives. Again, RAJ addresses that issue for all of us as HE did for me many years ago when I used HIS words in part of an article I was writing:

In this time we have all come to a place of choice. We need to ask ourselves, which way do we go in this war against the darkside, as a country, as a people on this planet, and as individuals? Where does our knowingness lead us?

“For the individual, we need to ask ourselves, where does our fear lead us? When we look internally, what do we see? We are a fearful people; it is the way the Opposition has always used most effectively to control us. It is a fear that leads us into focusing on the matrix created by the local alien creator gods instead of the highest we are capable of. For the most part this fear is an inherited fear, one that has been instilled in us from generation to generation, passed along from parent to child and so on down the line.

When asked why Truman doesn´t ´wake up´ to his situation in the controlled matrix of the movie The Truman Show, Christof, his creator, replies, “We accept the reality of the world as presented.” This is the key to all of our fears. We accept the false vision of the world as those around us have. It is the worst case of peer pressure we can ever imagine – to live our lives falsely just because other people do. This is the acceptance of the reality we are born into, and it takes a very strong and courageous person to break free.

To rise above the fear of this plane we must allow what we fear to be dissolved by something Grander and that something is the Love and Grace of the true FATHER –something so few of us have any conception of given the false religious trainings we have experienced over countless lifetimes here and on other planets. But it is something we can connect to using the practice of the channeling exercise and through the moment-by-moment surrender as we ask Guidance to guide us throughout the day. Then, as Marco says here,

“You can prove to yourself within days that the inner voice of you family are truly there, I experienced it myself.

“For example I asked my guidance (as I´ve done many times before) Delicia, “Shall I go outside to that place there and there?” I heard (an inner thought that is not from yourself) “Yes, you go there and you will meet someone”. And indeed, when I went there I met someone that I normally never meet and we had a conversation, more a confrontation, about alien life forms and if it is a reality or not.

“Another example is that I walked on the street and asked “shall I go sit there?” Then I heard “go to the end of the street”. I walked to the end of the street and asked “to the right?” and the answer was “Yes, and have something to eat”. I walked to the right and asked “Here at this place?” and heard Yes. I walked with my pizza out of the shop and asked “Where to now?” I got the answer “Go here to the left and you will meet someone”. I sat there where I never sit, eating my pizza, and suddenly I saw my sister with her girlfriend and their little daughter Eline! I just never meet them like that and also never see them in life, also I´ve never seen them together like that, seems that it was needed to get those 4 souls together.

“And there are many more examples that you can also experience in a matter of days, this will strengthen your belief and therefore also strengthen you connection.

“Despite my spiritual searching and insights I had trouble believing that I could do this and just believe it (still do sometimes). I thought “Isn´t this only possible for mediums?” Well yes … but we are all mediums and capable of making this type of connection, and don´t forget that in this time we move forwards to the 5th dimension, making contact with Beings from around the earth is more and more easy to do.”

What happens when we hold on to fear is that we lower our energy and land exactly in that place of fear we have accepted and created – a place where we can control our life through false assumptions and the manipulation of a lesser fear-based reality.

The energy of rising above this fear can make everything flow more clearly. We become lighter, feel a sense of movement into the future, and we become whole, as those who experienced the recent 07-01-07 doorway of the new paradigm would agree. When we stay in our fear or when we try to control the outcome of our lives living constantly in fear of this thing happening or that thing, then we become less able to flow, more fearful, and under the control of our fear. In this situation we focus directly on the local energies to get us what we want rather than the higher energies who truly only want better for us than we want for ourselves.

Can we actually think that the local creator energies are grander than that of the true Creator? If we do then we should continue controlling our lives, keeping our fears, and doing whatever it is we want to do until life brings us to a screeching halt. It is the fear, holding on to the fear, and then seeking answers to the fear, that connects us to the lower level of energy.

If we can give away the fear, NOT HANG ONTO IT, allow the FLOW of Guidance to show us what to do, where to be, how to act, by practicing this moment-by-moment asking for Guidance with every choice and in every situation, then we are not lowering ourselves to this plane´s fear level and the resultant connection to the local energies.

It is simple, is it not? When we are fearful, we hold on to the energy of fear which is by definition that of the local gods and bring to ourselves that which we fear. We already know how to manipulate this energy into solving our fears and bringing us what we want. We´ve all experienced how this works in making or not making it through countless lifetimes. But . . . what if we let go of the fear, stand firm in our choice of rising above the physical plane, and allowing the grander Flow to come and work through us? What would happen then? It would be a miracle, for we would no longer be controlling our life and the energy and lives of those around us, and we would be free for once in our life of all the fear we have lived with for so very long. Joy would return along with the spontaneity of a heart open to every new wonder and experience.

Remember that one holds to fear out of habit, out of knowing how to use it and how to bend the energy of fear to bring forward whatever it is one wants – it is a powerful energy. If we get fearful enough, we finally have enough energy to bring forward whatever we want which prompted the fear response in the first place.

We must remember how loved we all are. Are we loved by the energy of fear we manipulate so well? I don´t think so. Would we all like to live a life where we KNOW we are loved, where a fearful thought is released as soon as it comes and LOVE fills the void? This is where we stand once again as the new paradigm unfolds before us all, at this place of choice, and in this choice we MUST make a decision to either stay in the life of fear we have been in so long or to leap to a grander higher level where LOVE truly is the new paradigm. It is simply a matter of unlearning the control we have all mastered and of allowing ourselves to go beyond the lowered but powerful level of fear and into the unlimiting future of JOY.

If you´re reading this you´ve now come to a place where you are able to ask the question of where your focus lies and where you really want it to be. Work diligently. Grow. You have done well to get to this point where everything can change for you in a single beat of the Heart.

With Love, in service, Peter

Peter Farley