Channeling – Lesson 11 – Working With The Mind

Channeling – Lesson #11 – Working with the Mind
By Peter Farley

Note the key word there is ´with´ the mind, not against. Not fighting the mind, not trying to quell the mind or any other thing against the mind, but WITH the mind.

Here´s a hint, especially for women. If you want to tame the mind or put it in it´s right place treat it like the male/man it is. Does that give you some ideas? Stroke its ego, let it think it´s in charge, all the while slowly but surely usurping its leadership by gradually little by little inserting Spirit and Guidance in its place. By the time it realizes what has happened Spirit and Guidance will be in charge and you´ll be half way down the road to working in harmony with Heart, Mind and Spirit.

If you´re the kind of woman that´s been ´fighting´ against men all your life, arguing and cajoling them then this is where you´re going wrong with working to put mind and the male side in its right place. Mind, like man, is fearful of losing its power and its leadership role. Like any little kid in fear you need to use techniques that placate these fears and ease them so that mind doesn´t fear the intrusion of Spirit into that once powerful leadership role. Mind doesn´t really like being in charge anyway, look at all the people having strokes on their right sides from the stress and strain of trying to figure out what´s going on without the help of heart and Spirit.

It´s not a battle. These three need to work together in harmony, not as individual parts of the vehicle, but in finely tuned synch with each other, each knowing their role, each taking its place to help and support the other two. Since Spirit/Guidance knows far better what´s going on, who better to be in charge. But if you walked up to any male on the planet and said, get out of the way I´ve got someone ´better´ to do your job, what would be the reaction? Get the point? Ease into it, don´t think it´s going to happen overnight. No male ever changed that quickly. So ease into it, there´s time enough for everything if you just keep moving forward with what your attempting to do, run in balance. if you try it the other way or the way you have been going then you´re just going to run at loggerheads with this male and get nowhere until they divorce each other altogether and then what will you do?

How successful are your relations with males (if a woman) or with other males if you´re a man? Take the next step up the ladder from the microcosm to judge and learn from what you´re doing out there and taking it home to use in what you´re doing in there. Turn it around and when you have learned from doing internally then you can also translate it into what you´re doing relationship-wise. It is all one you know. And all life is a waking dream, so how where doing out here only amplifies and intensifies what´s going on inside so that sooner or later we get hit in the face with what we´re not doing right.

Meditation is virtually impossible for the Western mind because we just don´t have the time and energy to put into it, and we haven´t learned nor are we taught how to flow with the learning process but always we wish to fight anything new or different.

Its work isn´t it, learning to channel, learning to let go (instead of simply letting go, relaxing and going with the flow. Someone once said Americans don´t know they´re alive below the neck, even sexually all of it´s in the mind. That´s why we´re so easily led around by a carrot (sex) on a stick advertising-wise and every other wise.

Cement is made from limestone, calcium, silicon, iron and aluminum, plus lesser amounts of other ingredients. Concrete is a material that uses cement to bind together crushed stone, rock and sand. In either the final product is totally different from the ingredients that went into it. When you have heart, mind, and Soul all working together you find that there is no religion, no spirituality, no there, no tomorrow, no yesterday. All is one thing called life or being. You´re a finely tuned machine that only knows the here and the now and no matter what comes down the turnpike at you, you´re ready, willing and able to deal with it or to accomplish even beyond the impossible (as Guidance likes to say I have done).

And when it comes to channeling or connecting with your own Guidance to assist you with this process, for a process it is and not one to be accomplished overnight for mind has been in charge too long to change that rapidly, never believe that you can just do moment-to-moment guidance without the written channeling. They are like two arms when doing the work, they literally go hand in hand to strengthen your connection.

It´s all a matter of making priorities isn´t it? Your job and physical 3D reality won´t be there for that much longer and when things do fall apart what will you fall back on? Guidance. You are important to Their work, but then again you´re used to taking such strain and stress but probably tired of it right? Hard enough to be a leader, let alone of people who don´t really care. Tell me about it, people do not respect spirituality nor see its use in their life when their mind is God. Stop judging yourself and beating yourself up if you fail or falter in one quiet moment. It´s like struggling against the current, relax and let the current take you instead, just flow with it. The only war you have to fight is the one with the mind and that´s one that should not be fought. Allow spirit to gradually replace Mind as the one in charge. So when you forget it´s okay, but the more you remember the more Spirit takes over and mind settles comfortably into the place it always should have been, a very wonderful tool. Show mind how wonderful it can be and how safe and loving a place this life can be working in harmony with heart and with Spirit. Tell it that it´s not the one that needs to take all the strain for Spirit does it better. It´s not an overnight task, but remember, we need you.

Oh, and one more thing I´ve found to be true working with so many and with myself – find another reason to do it other than yourself, because for most people that´s not a good enough reason. For me it was the kids and helping them not have to suffer the way I suffered or the way I´ve seen them suffer at the hands of the New World Order. Find a good reason to change and keep that as your focus, and if it´s not about doing things for other people it´s probably not going to happen anyway.

Hang in there.

In service, Peter