As one might thrust into the new Gregorian year as scheduled, the energies of renewal prevail in all facets.  This might incur quite a bit of pain, undoubtedly.  However, it is this pain that is the rebalancing of the internal duality as well as of the duality of the nature of Creation as we become unified and acclimated to its flowing nature.

We then see to it that this becomes one aspect of how to propel into this calendar year.  Renewing the freedoms that we know are true, will enable us to sustain a profound manifestation of our true Selves. The selfish selfless year, the beginning of a new cycle, and the step into the new light body that has completely shifted on a cellular level shall blend Us together with all of our friends and guides on all levels of consciousness, and in all realms of time.

May it be blessed with encouragement, and may we fall in love all over again with our Self, dance with our Self in pure joy, and Enlighten other Beings as a result…

Andrija and her guides