Our Future Determines our Present

A moment in time fleets the moment it occurs. We are constantly in our intermingled in our futures, however instead of panic or anxiety occurring when thoughts look at the future, we can use our creator spirit source spark to consciously create a positive future moment.

Healing oneself is a two way street internally and externally ourselves. As our mind pains the body our body pains the mind. And all the fractals of our soul comes together when we put two feet on the ground and start the physical motion to ground our future desires.

From the recent interaction I (we) had with the one of the only hypnotherapists that works with the future rather than the past, I (we) understand his channeled words “our future determines our present”.

Delving into healing our molecular composition by looking to the future and imagining what we are becoming, begins the process of healing on that level. And both physical body and spirit body become aligned in a beautiful dance of wholeness in the present moment with this concept. The suicidal become the flourishing and the depressed become elated to enjoy this lifetime.

If we see ourselves taking a trip in the future, we pack what is necessary for that trip. Ergo that future thought affected our present. Similarly with a job opportunity. In order to get the job at the interview next week, we prepare what we will wear and how we will portray ourselves to get that opportunity! We move to a destination near that job which affects the present moment as well.

We must take the time to envision the best self of our future in order to consciously manifest. We use moment by moment guidance to get there. And alas the healing is complete. The contentment with each moment builds momentum to build that manifestation.

Andrija and guidance

Information courtesy of Ti Caine C.H.J healer/hypnotherapist