Intuitive confluence of conscious sound mind and judgment. One of fair regard for discontent, and approaching each situation as though it were the fondest of these instigative glances – studying each as its own. One could not know to which it belongs until the brunt of the situation is at hand. It helps to reveal and revel in the exposure of the darkness to the lightness. One could not know that feeling of this lightness until of course they do experience some form of darkness. Until then, they could not know or be in awareness in order to prevail. The prevalent forces that exist and that have always existed are a cause for extrapolation of internal fluidity and ingenuity channeled from source.  We are but vessels and vehicles for light penetration into the earthly realm. For, if it were not for this instigation of preference for survival and revival. Willing to expedite the thrilling adventure, and live every moment as if it is the first and the last, encompassing of all time and space and light and sound. We are this. We are all that is.