Sound Encoding – Testimonials

“Hi Peter!

I would like to share what I experienced during the sound encoding session. Some of it is difficult to put into words because it looses something in the translation. I felt the presence of very powerful beings and my Higher Self. I was very aware of the energy being released as each point was touched, my thoughts and emotions left me in record speed. It was as if I was deleting old software and getting new. Each direction had a distinct feel and a Huge powerful presence overseeing the process. I was very aware of the need to let go and surrender and as I did, my Higher Self began to slowly anchor in my body. I saw several visions, however only one sticks in my mind. It was a vision of a large Spoke wheel with a smaller open circle in the middle and as I looked at it, I saw a naked new born baby floating down into the smaller center circle. I had the sense that the spokes were the directions and that innocence and purity were being anchored in. At the end of the sound encoding I was very present in my body. Not just grounded, but fully present on all levels. Yesterday I felt a little tired as the day went on so I rested and drank lots of lemon water and green tea. I can feel the process continuing as I write this. It feels like the anchoring of my Higher Self comes in waves. I truly feel like a new person! I am still aware that my corridor is in need of fine tuning and I am working with guidance to remedy that!

Thank you Peter for a wonderful healing and profound experience!!”

With love and gratitude,

Nita Rierson
Gail Dickson’s Guidance on the morning of her sound-encoding:

“Today is a new beginning for you. Appreciate what you will receive today. The sound-encoding will enhance your life in enormous ways. Enjoy your new adventure. With great Love this gift comes to you.”

Your Spiritual Guidance.

Gail afterwards: “I feel Lighter and more . . more present.”
. . . “I dont know this sound encoding has reconnected me with life directly . . . . The work you do disentangles all the wiring and literally re connects peoples DNA properly . . . All the vitamins and healing machines I have . . very few do I need anymore”

Sienna Lea, author of Stealing the Moon

Feedback to Sam
Dear Sam,

“The Sound Encoding experience is one for all to share. The peaceful tranquility and calmness is the True State of Being. This is how it all meant to be and how joyous life upon Planet Earth is destined to become. So much of what you have experienced in the past is linked to imbalance, so much is linked to corruption of the self and the beautiful being of creation you are.

Let it be known that what has been granted to you can never be taken away. Your essence remains for eternity, and now, with your Higher Self connection recoded, you will notice subtle changes in your daily life and the manner in which you interact with Us. It will be clearer and on some level, easier for us to communicate with you, since the channel of communication has been cleared.

On a physical level, you will feel once again the “serene rejuvenation” you described – the state of presence and balance that accompanies this. In yourself, all those feelings, that past conditioning that has never severed you has been stripped and the humility of existing One with the Source will feel more real as you venture closer in your journey to communion with All That Is.

Enjoy this gift beloved and share this experience, for it awaits all those that choose it.”

With Grand Love, Aristenna, from the Spiritual Hierarchy’s Council of Light.
Re: Self-help healing

Sent : Saturday, July 22, 2006 2:57 AM
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Subject : Re: Self-help healing

“Dear Bill Peters, I use EFT in my practice, in fact there is an advanced model called the”Porthole of Grace”. However, what Peter is doing is not EFT, it is using sound only, and is multidimentional, not just emotional or psychological healing. Having my own experience of this proceedure, what I can say is that, it does what EFT does and more. This is a new paradigm that is being shared and it would behoove all of those who are serious about having their full power available, to complete their mission, to partake of this gift. We are Sound and Light. Peter is using Sound [and Light]. Not from anything outside of self, no machines etc.. When you experience this sound encoding, you will have a knowing and can share more accurately. With warmest regards. Tapz.

PS. I am writing this for greater clarity. Peter is not aware of this communique yet.”

Taylore Ashlie
Sent : Friday, July 21, 2006 6:08 PM
To : peter6264@…
Subject : After encoding

“Thank you Peter, …… I feel like I just took the red pill (As Gail says, it’s like I got my old self back) . . . It will be a good place to be to begin the next part of my process. Looking forward to this new relationship with my guides.

Thank you again to you and Sam for my healing.

By the way I was very excited today to see I was able to do 5th position ballet with my left leg in front. I showed Sam. It’s when the heal of one foot is against the ball of the other foot with both feet in turned out position. As long as I can remember I have not been able to do that with my left foot because my left hip would push up crooked into the socket and hurt. I had to compensate by doing 3rd position on that side ( heel against the back of the arch of the other foot). For years, I’ve been hemming my pants with the left leg almost an inch longer than the other for the same reason; because I thought it was a longer leg. I tried doing the 5th position today on the left side. It worked! Hips even! Amazing…all this time….

I had difficulty falling asleep last night. As I lay on my back, my left hand went over my heart chakra and my right on my solar plexis. I don’t even remember placing them there, they just were. My energy felt so strong, I could feel it through my whole body and around, down through my toes. It was so strong through my toes, that sometimes I curled them and tried bending my knees and putting my feet flat on the bed. The energy kept flowing. I wanted to sleep so badly but knew I couldn’t like this. Then I felt the words “eat toast”. I thought, Ok I guess that would help ground me. I lay there a moment more and I felt “dear one, eat toast”. Well, I really didn’t feel like getting up and making toast, but I listened. I have some great organic bread in the freezer, so I got up, made and ate toast. Guess all the fruit I ate yesterday was not grounding enough. The toast worked. My body settled and was able to get some sleep.

I did my channelling this morning. The pen in my hand moved very quickly. Nice to meet them by name.

I won’t bother you with a day to day update. Just wanted to share my first experience of making contact.

Thank you, Peter.

Have a wonderful day.”

Sienna Lea, author of Stealing the Moon

. . . “I dont know this sound encoding has reconnected me with life directly . . . . The work you do disentangles all the wiring and literally re-connects peoples DNA properly . . . All the vitamins and healing machines I have . . very few do I need anymore”
Gail Bongalis

“I’m doing well – – most of my fear has vanished – – (don’t quite know what the fear was about). Still have some dregs, deep down .. I’m sure they too, will vanish when they are supposed to. Now I know the true meaning of “Cough it up!” Perhaps if I cough enough, the rest of the fear will disappear!

Had an HUGE release on Tuesday @ massage. Cried & cried & cried. Again . . emotion that had been deeply entrenched & no specific tags . . It was good & I think your work precipitated that. I have had many massages with this woman before & have never had a reaction like that.”
Shila Fisher

“Hi Peter! Thanks for getting this to me. I appreciate this, along with all the other gifts you gave me. Everything is different, and yet the same. I am still processing ….and having new realizations all the time. I have been truly AMAZED at what has already shown up in my life . . .”
Francine Sparks

“Peter!! how incredibly amazing…i have been thanking them all day . . . today i feel i am in a warm embrace, it is a beautiful feeling”
Danielle Hancock

“Thank you for bringing the sound encoding in. I lay on the beach in a circle and turned clockwise slowly for an hour. Felt really good and the dolphins came in really close to the shore, near where I was. I saw a lot of cool stuff.”

Tapzyana Thomas Sep 27, 2006

“Dear peter,

I am writing to let you know that the sound encoding has been incredible for myself and all of those encoded. I have watched my son move, into a perfect place for his work and career and his spiritual self, I have watched the other two persons move spiritually and eliminate behavior that was not healthy for them. I am still discovering the benefits. Immediately, full groundedness occurred, adjustment periods occured and you had to insist that I stay on track and listen to guidance.

I am hearing the sound louder that it has been in 26yrs. I am grateful for this divine Sound Encoding to anchor for once and for all, the whole that I am, to do what I am to do. Peace and Joy All Ways. Tap.”
“I have just returned from an all too brief visit with Peter which included my Sound Encoding( and healing for my entire earthly family) Being here in wholeness for the first time and Knowing/Being who and what I Am and how I am Loved is something that mere words are inadequate to express.

This vast presentness which is here and now opens through surrender to guidance possibilities/probabilities that would never have existed but which were potentialized by the gift given to me and my family yesterday!

But with this gift comes great responsibility for service which will require moment to moment surrendar and trust in guidance. When I was leaving I tried to express my gatitude to Peter who only then told me to go in and thank my own guidance which I did and have continued to.

The person who left before meeting Peter and the being who returned this morning may appear the same but do not be deceived because the intergation of being and connection to source that took place opened doors which had never been imagined let alone walk through.”

Truly a second birth!
Bob Rigby
Sep 27, 2006


Since returning from being with you I have been aware of a high pitched sound that is always present although much more prominent at times(upon awakening,when relaxing,going to sleep,going within to connect) than others. The last two days I have had extended periods where I have been able to read,without interruption,The Tree Of Life for hours.

Upon beginning to read I am aware of a marked increase in the volume of the pitch that is present and this continues throughout the time I am reading.

It seems that The Tree Of LIFE is sound encoded itself to be a trigger for people to awaken from the sleep and recognize the Truth. I know that reading and taking in the information deepens my connection with source( vaildated by increase in sound and feeling of connection).There is no question to the resonance I experience when absorbing the information. This has been my experience and if this is so(applicable beyond my own experience) exposing others to this work becomes a responsibility I will meet.”

Bob Rigby
Oct 11 2006