Sound Encoding – The Completion of Creation Part 3

The New World Order’s stranglehold on Man is based in the control of this DNA. The Caduceus or Thoth’s Staff shows the snakes holding sway over Mankind’s DNA respresented by the staff trying to take wing back heavenwards.

Here are the words of the Darkside leadership sending Sophia on her way to her dark, dark mission here in this lifetime: :

“Go now my dear, for you are the serpent that will encoil Planet Earth, and corrupt its essence, turning Gaia away from her children and making it the Dark Whore House that we deem it to become.

“Once you accomplish this task my dear child, you will be taken back to the core of the planet where Gaia once resided, and you will then be turned into the very Dark Mother that runs the Planetary portal into the Heart of Creation and the Father’s Essence will be yours to command…

“But fail and i will make sure that you are encrusted beneath the roots of the dead trees on Planet Earth itself as it is destroyed by my dark legion of marauders – the space pirates.”

Many Beings I have worked with over the past few years of doing this type of spiritual healing work have memories of such threats against their Soul’s very existence should they once again take up the Sword of Righteousness, or stray from their dark programming. Many of the implants and crystal imprints by which we are controlled ‘energetically’ have such programming which triggers and creates fatal diseases within the lifeform should their existence be threatened or attempts made to to go beyond their limiting abilities.

And just as pretty much every one of us is implanted or programmed to accept these darker purposes, so too is the entire crystalline network of the consciousness grid surrounding the planet.
“Go now, your time is running out already. You are to channel Dark Mother’s energy from our Sortha energy form and turn it into the grid crystals that will enable population sensitivity to this type of energy. As the humans become sensitive to this depravated energy pattern, they will automatically lower Gaia’s defences against outside darkness.’

Since I was very young I have looked at life around me and commented to myself, “It’s not supposed to be like this.” How can anyone judge another when the cards are so heavily stacked against Humankind. How can anyone overcome such an advanced technology of control?

“And then we will become able to send in more energy to your physical form, opening an enormous portal that will allow the conversion of Gaia into an empty rock, the ultimate possession by the Dark Mother, which will then be guided by your conscious energy form!!”

Faced with the eons of dark control and reprogramming of this Being’s initial grander mission here in this Super Universe, it took all of the powers of heaven and earth to finally get Sophia erased of this old programming and newly encoded by the Light and Sound of the FATHER–her Higher Self being returned to the Central Universe for cleansing and healing from all it had gone through.