We Are Always With You

We are always with you. We are here to assist you, when ill memories persist you we will guide you through. As we see fit to do. We love you dearly don’t you see. You see so clearly right through me. You see that happiness is not the same as we see fit to see it gain through lifetimes of torment and lifetimes of grief. Through angry loves torment and angry deceit as we see love as we see fit as we see memories that rise from the pit as we see flames that feel they wont quit; as we see happiness as distant we try to love and be consistent, but through the pain and thru it all thru the memories both exorbitant and banal we can call our heart to light and in our memories and in our spirit through it all become persistent all that love is love that’s distant in our memory an din out time in our love and all the rhyme hear me out and you will doubt you’re not the same with every gain here and there and everywhere you are always with us. be with us and forgive us

that is all for now