Channeling – Lesson 7 – Bits and Pieces

Channeling – Lesson #7 – Bits and Pieces
By Peter Farley

In writing the Waking Dream book and in using the waking dream cards,
it became obvious that those people who could not interpret the very
simple messages Spirit was trying to give them were instead looking
for Spirit to give them the answers they had already preordained to
be the right ones.

This manifests in channeling as people´s desires are what they
channel from Guidance and if their channeling does not agree with
what they want then it must be from the darkside. Channeling
something you don´t want to hear is one way of truly telling you´re
on the right track. Guidance will never be rude or mean to you, but
will often treat us as loving but firm parents in ´urging´ us to go
on a different path, to make wiser choices, or simply to tell us the
way it ´truly´ is. The course of action is then ours to decide and to

Maintaining a ´relaxed´ attitude toward your channeling is the
grandest secret of all. Understanding that our Guidance has only our
Highest Good in mind and the Highest Good of all should be uppermost
in our hearts and minds when we sit down to channel, or when our
moment-to-moment Guidance asks us to do something for which we don´t
yet fully understand the reason.

Our Guidance actually wants better for us than we want for ourselves,
and if we just allow it to share this infinite wisdom with us, life
will be a much grander proposition and not the groundhog day most of
us have till now been experiencing. Life becomes a game. Yes,
surprise, surprise our Guidance even has a sense of humor and fun,
and want to share it with us if we will only not take ourselves all
so damn seriously. A grand sense of humor is one of the ways you can
tell the true spiritual giants –humor based on the most ancient name
for God –HU; as is humility, another key ingredient for all spiritual
figures. Do not make the mistake of thinking someone standing in
their power and knowing to what they are connected is arrogance. Far
be it from true. Arrogance is putting on a façade or false display of
power, the coward covering up their cowardice with bravado, the weak
and insecure man putting on displays of machismo to cover up their
insecurity and weakness.

Channeling the Higher Spiritual beings takes humility, for They would
themselves never allow Their energies to be used by one who was not
humble and knowing to what they are connected.

Secondly, save all judgment of what you are channeling until you get
to the end. Again this is mind wanting to be in control. The true
Spiritual Values are barely known, written about, nor appreciated on
this planet. Whatever point of view we are coming from, if we are
still mired down in the Matrix then this is where our instinctual
judgements and opinions will come from.

The New World Order has programmed us too well for us not to have
man´s basic Christian moral outlines in our heads, the fear of peer
pressure in our guts, and the suppression of true spontaneous
feelings in our hearts. Guidance won´t always provide a reason for
what is required at the time of the asking. This then leads us to
build faith and trust in what we are getting by following
seemingly ´blindly´ what we hear to do, knowing it will never be
anything against our true spiritual nature.

Also judging our missions against others missions is silly. We are
the best ´us´ we can be and no one else in creation has some of the
things which make us unique to this combined effort to ward off the
darkness. And if we step up with the courage and conviction to do
what we came here to do, then truly if our mission were just to empty
latrines, we would be doing what 97% of the rest of souls coming to
the planet could not say they have done – serve.
Lastly, the answers are easy. It is the questions and the learning
how to ask the questions we want answered that is the true test of
how well we channel and how well we follow Guidance. It´s all one big
game of Jeopardy. If you ask the question this way, then Guidance
will answer that question with this answer. If we rephrase the
question or add another element to it, then Guidance will answer it
that way. What is it we really want to know and how can be best state
the question to elicit the needed or looked for answer.

My Waking Dream Book and the waking dream cards that accompany it and
can be made at home by ones self, teach exactly this skill. They also
teach and show us how life is a game and that Spirit is communicating
with us 24/7 if we only learn to play this game, learn to ask the
questions the right way, and then keep our eyes and ears open for the
answers that Spirit places all around us.

It´s a simple guide to how Spirit communicates to us in this
lifetime. It´s well worth reading. It´s free to download in the Files section of
the group.

Enjoy. Peter