“That all too common shift feeling”

“That all too common shift feeling”….
Where times as these make our light bodies, our physical bodies feel restless – we must remind ourselves of the temporal nature this realm.  That the time we feel is only existent here, but not existent in all other facets of creation.  We can soon realize from this that “this too shall pass”.  It’s painful, it’s enlightening, its beautiful, and difficult.  However, it is not going to last forever.
We do have a choice, and with the help of our guides we can glean the beauty from “bad” and “good” times, and choose to live that in loving moment-to-moment guidance.  Each decision for the betterment and heightening of awareness, of love and of acceptance of this reality.  We are all here to shift – the little colorful crystalline prism particles that we are, shift in the mass of other crystalline particles as a unit, just as the small colorful specs in a kaleidoscope can shift into another beautiful artform.  So, who is controlling this kaleidoscope?  We too can see ourselves as the child shifting the kaleidoscope of our lives, as we also become the particles in the kaleidoscope of other people controlling their own.  We are the creators and the created, and can access the Source of all creation at any time.  The choice is ours to do so, and be guided to Our Highest Will.  As “They” say – Our Beloved Guides, helping us to regain consciousness and aid in us understanding – that we are WORTHY of Their Love for US.  And that They are Worthy of Our Love for Them!
WE can do this..
Andrija & Guidance