Sound Encoding – THE PROCESS

Sound Encoding reintroduces Divine Melody and harmonics back into The physical and etheric form of Beings, providing them with the correct complement of Sound that was devoid in the creational process. The Higher Self is brought down from the grid surrounding the planet and the 12 major points of sound encoding fuse it within the etheric, emotional and physical bodies of the Being, permitting a conclusion to the Creational process.

What was missed in the beginning is now brought into balance and the Light is now harmonized with Sound in an act of true creational process, as it was intended, with an equal pull from both the male and female. With this in place the imbalance within Beings is corrected and the first unbiased opportunity for growth in this unbalanced world is “gifted”.

The Effects

• The Sound Encoding will bring down the Higher Self into the human form and clear out much of the old patterning and programming from times old, bringing the Being back home into balance.

The Process

• MUST be done in person on one of the 5 people included, but covers the person being done as well as four of their ‘physical’ and/or ‘spiritual’ family members as well. Only one or at most two sound-encodings can be done in a day because of the drain it puts on the etheric body of the healer. Bookings are therefore required.

The Cost

• The cost is $500. This could be shared among the ‘family’ members included in the sound-encoding process of the physical person getting done, or can be a gift to those people included. Permission does not need to be obtained from them in the physical although prior approval by the Spiritual Hierarchy (thru Peter) of the names submitted as one of your extended physical or spiritual ‘family’ members must be obtained.

Related Writings and Channelings

Aristenna from the Spiritual Hierarchy’s Council of Light.

All within the universe is intertwined and interconnected. Changes made in one part affect the whole. Sound Encoding orientates towards the Central Sun in the Central Universe where the Father and Spiritual Hierarchy reside both energetically and vibrationally. The best, shortest path is lined up with the grid and Earth’s magnetic field that converge at true north and beam `through’ the required energies for the work to be performed.

Orientation will alter from place to place and with certain Beings. The consciousness and awareness of a Being can affect the outcome and the required orientation. One that is near the completion of their mission requires a Sound Encoding not only for their present energetic form, but one that will cater and facilitate the form to follow. Gail is one such example.

Why does this shift in the use of directions occur, and how can we ensure that the correct directional orientation is being used when performing Sound Encoding or whether true north or its inversion is required? You will know what to use dependant upon the spiritual development of the Being concerned and level of service in this lifetime. Matter behaves in certain ways, as does typical Light and Sound in a given environment. Natural laws alter and change with Beings that are connected or have a firm connection to the Source.

In the majority of cases with the work there will be no variation. You will be alerted with regard to those that require a directional orientation modification for the Sound Encoding to correctly propagate throughout their Being. This is something you will inherently know as special and unique cases arise.

Continue with the work and as the Sound Encoding is performed that grid framework that imprisons the Higher Selves will weaken until the point where critical mass is reached and all those trapped will be freed. Then, you will see the miracle of Sound Encoding, as those whose intent and hearts are pure connect to their Higher Selves, adopt the will of the Father and move forward with positive changes in line and accordance with the new paradigm.

All constructs have their foundation upon a belief and thought-form. Changing the thought-form alters the construct and in turn the belief of what is possible. A belief of freedom and that Planet Earth can be a paradise where all are cherished equally, can alter the outcome, as can any thought-form that is conductive to the evolution of life.

Darthiel, Haroon and the Spiritual Hierarchy

Hiburu, the language of the pre-diluvial gods of old, the origins from which the Hoovids (Jewish race) themselves created the Hebrew language prior to it being passed on to Earth and later corrupted – was modified by the Niburians in the Tower of Babel incident –but permitted direct communication with the Divine.

The format is not in words or sounds as such, but the symbolism of the Divine Consciousness that resonates within the Higher Planes without limitation and without the requirement of a medium to propagate thought, for all are One at that level of existence.

To restrict or attempt to express the means of communication at this higher level is to attempt to dissect the unexplainable and refer to only approximations that within your third densities will be taken as absolutes and expanded upon by theorems or mind-thinkers to what suits their own limited frame of reference. To use the term telepathy is an approximation, however it does not correctly explain the means by which the Higher Realms commune with one another, for to do so, in essence, is through the heart and mind; yet to use the mind alone, whilst a poor substitute, can be analogous in this case.

The flares of thought that emanate through the vibrating consciousness of the brain are a form of Hiburu. The functional human body is a macrocosm of this, yet to explain the communication is to delve into the function of image imprints of light upon the retina and the transfer of such nerve impulses to be interpreted by the brain.

The sparks of thought, the conscious manifestation of existence and imprinting of thought on the brain is the closest thing to explaining the flares of thought that Hiburu is – that which literally imprints – burns – a new neural pathway through the human psyche of the mind, linking the physical to the etheric and [in turn] up through to the consciousness of Divinity ITSELF.

To sound encode a soul is to activate these neural centers within the brain – on the physical dimensional 3D level – best and most easily done with symbolism, similar to the psychological cards used in research experiments. An encoding with the recipient humming the HU would further facilitate the effectiveness of the imprint and allow the encoding to develop an initial imprint within the Being themselves, firstly through the brain, a direct avenue of the mind and then through to the heart. Calm the mind firstly; tackle the most difficult of all and the heart will have no resistance to the imprint/encoding.