channeling – lesson 2 – channeling as a process

Channeling – Lesson #2 – Channeling as a Process
By Peter Farley

Dear One,

The cost for the loss of life that the darkside has left us is high. There is no doubt about what you can do to help us. So keep this up. you know I am talking to you at all times so keep your ears open. Changes are coming. It is imperative that you listen because when the time comes all will be explained. As for now you have to concentrate an establishing this connection. Others will help you get there; you had better recognize and appreciate them, because it is taking a lot of work to get your stubborn ass to listen up. Follow my lead son, I’ve already told you fine things and they will continue to get better. Do not stray from the game plan. To be continued.


Sir, please could you confirm for me if Thoth is working with me moment to moment, because I am getting checked at negative thoughts and feelings, and being told to let things go, not to hold them in. I have been asking for guidance with simple things like what to eat Subway, and why (to take me out of my comfort zone). I have asked for him to help me in my decision making processes. Is it working?

Thanks, J.

Learning Channeling as a Process

It´s a process, J. No one, not even I was perfect overnight. The one thing you truly need right now is a way to ´challenge´ what it is you are getting for the times when there´s no one around to confirm it for you. I have an implant in my thigh which makes my knee jerk for confirmation but even this has been co-opted at times to work against me. The darkside has found ways to shut down my Guidance at crucial times and all I had was my own experience of knowing what is right and what is not from the years of working with Them.

Your channeling was 78 % correct today. That´s good. It takes a lot of energy to raise your vibration to a level where They can talk with you on a moment by moment basis. It takes even more energy to keep yourself there. Hence They work with you in dreams etc to raise that level of vibration depending on the level of your commitment. The more you let go and surrender to that Guidance the easier it is to maintain your higher level of vibration. If you go into channeling with worries that you will be interrupted or thinking about what you have to do at work today etc, then all of that will keep your level of vibration down and you will find it difficult to maintain your connection, or worse still –as you did today, run away from it at a crucial time when everything They wanted to say is not completed. They will never say to you ´to be continued´. They will always say what needs to be said and complete Their thoughts.

Again, it´s a process. I am continually asked to do things that most people would not understand, for which I have to take a lot of ´heat´, and which in the beginning for me were hard to believe. People who do not check with their Guidance criticize me for these things and often move on, not having the courage to accept that the Matrix norm is not necessarily the Spiritual norm. Thus I needed to challenge what I was getting to confirm it as I had no one around who could do that for me. The knee jerk helped. Asking 3 times with a command that I be told whether it was truthful and of the Highest helped. Each one of us needs to find our own way but everyone of us will be tested in myriad ways because it is like school, the testing helps us know what it is we don´t know and what it is we do, thus giving us a direction in which to take our learning in order to strengthen our abilities, our connection, and our knowingness.

It is in the small things such as where to eat and what to eat that They train us and test us. The only time they had me eat at an Outback Steakhouse I picked up a very nasty critter and my partner at the time saw her prime rib ´vibrating´ on the plate. It was a lesson we needed about critters, fast food, and obviously about Outback Steakhouse and the contaminated food chain. Doing what They ask us to do is not always comfortable and does not always have the results WE think it should have. But that´s the point isn´t it, learning to get out of our comfort zone and trust that what we are getting is for the highest good of all concerned, even if it is uncomfortable or disturbing to our own way of thinking. Often what we learn from that situation is something we need down the road but at the time don´t understand.

Keep going. This will provide a good training series for people learning to channel.