Channeling – lesson 4 – responsibility

Channeling – Lesson #4 – Responsibility
By Peter Farley

There is a certain level of responsibility that goes along with channeling anyone or anything. We have no recourse to telling the police or others, “Well Guidance told me to do it.” That just doesn’t mean much to most people and won’t get us ‘out of jail free’, to use an old Monopoly term. Therefore we are responsible for every word we speak, write, or act upon what comes to us from our Guidance. It is then incumbent upon us to have the purest connection possible to the highest level of guidance possible – for, in the end, we are the ones who will take any heat for what is said or done in the name of Guidance.

It’s heard widely today that “God told me to do it.” One knows where these people are coming from, particularly as most of their actions border on the insane. There are others out there who claim to channel ‘a spiritual hierarchy’ of sorts. How do we know that the one we are working with is the highest and purest and that what those others say is of a lesser or even darker nature? Most often it is though the simplicity and clarity of the message we are giving out. The ‘purple ray out through the left butt-cheek’ type of channelings are usually meant to appease those who want only smoke and mirrors type
channeling which keeps them thinking God is unreachable and that they are not worthy of talking to him. In this they have to give their power away to someone with a New Age sounding name and wearing purple flowing robes to tell them what ‘God’ thinks.

EVERYONE is at least capable of channeling their Higher Selves, that part of them which is more connected to All-that-Is, even though most people do not have it residing in their physical forms. Most higher level beings have some form of angelic Guidance, a Master or member of one of the Galactic Counsels etc with whom to speak and get direction depending on their particular mission here upon the planet in this lifetime.

No matter who it is we channel though, or from what level of Creation, WE are always the ones responsible for everything we say, think, or do. Therefore it behooves us to be as perfect as we can. This takes time, training, and commitment on the part of the channeler, and hopefully too some realistic idea of what’s there on the other side in terms of entities and lesser energies who love to, like Ghostbusters, palm themselves off as Jesus or Buddha or someone they are not.

Most people do not have the mission to channel messages for others, and this is a level of responsibility and commitments to service most are never willing to make anyway. It should be avoided or thought about carefully unless that is one’s mission and one has proven to themselves and to others their ability to channel purely and maintain that higher connection for the good of all. Channeling is however a good way to connect with your Guidance and begin that moment-by-moment Guidance so critical to survival here on the planet in this lifetime.

If at the end of each and every day you can truly say to yourself “I did everything my Guidance asked me to do”, then on that day you are the Master.