We Are Here To Do Work Not To Pay

We were [are] here to do work, not to pay.

We were paid to quit & requite every single day.

We are with you and listening, here’s what we have to say.

Abolish fame abolish fortune –

Because those things are Spirit Extortion.

We want our passions –

We want our greeds –

We roam the countryside like mighty steeds.

We fail to imagine with what we are equipped –

Afraid that what we imagined will make our Soul extinct.

But banish fame and banish greed,

And what do you have left, you mighty steed?

The willingness to succeed in the succession of others.

The willingness to comprehend the toils of your sisters and your brothers.

But, what is there now,

What is written –

In the past, the past is gone,

It was writing to make the kings & queens smitten –

Kings & queens we are not, but of the kingdom within our selves, the one we forgot.

What we do, what we know, a horse is a horse, of course.

Humans & horses uncommonly alike, both smitten, but given false lashings for their plight –

But delight ; delight of the fact that there is always an upturn and when its YOUR turn just know that your imaginations a cistern –

Of water that grows, of water that shows, what the pineal gland bestows.

And in your Light and in your promise –

Extort not, for extortion is homicide. Delight not in the pain of others or discourage; pay homage to their meager advances & advancement for knowledge. Be not as it may for lust and for greed, and for your dismay, you uncommon steed. Be free to roam, be free to homage—to honor yourself and your blood; pay homage. That’s it, that’s all, just as simple as that don’t run through your house like wingless bat. Be free and vindictive not, for that’s over now. Be free now and listen and you know just how. But what about the life you asked in which you saw fit to receive. You have it now, your egos blocking its attempting to deceive – for you have.