Don’t Shoot The Messenger

Channeled by Marco

Dear Ones,

Peter is chosen for his task because of his high spiritual development and
insights gathered in and on past lives / planets and planet Earth. Besides
that he integrated the ‘being hard and loving’ into one Being, a very
important balance not only as an template but one which is also very necessary
to correctly touch and most often ‘kick’ spiritually sleeping people

Think about it:

As an adult (adult developed overseeing soul) you see a group of young,
naïve, reckless souls (that are trapped in the matrix and still need to be
awakened) and therefore souls easily manipulated by the darkside. They live
as if asleep and are a danger to themselves, others, and the whole life of

Then you can close your eyes or just internally think about it out of fear
for confrontation with those souls, or you can step up and confront them
knowing the battle that it would cause in themselves and between you and
them. What’s more important, your personal discomfort and fear because of
the battle? or sparing theirs, others, and the life of the whole Universe?

As said before by another one you can see Peter as a spiritual drill
instructor, being hard, confrontational and tries to get the most out of
someone, get them ready for battle. That’s not a process of just having fun
and relaxing and closing your eyes, so yes it’s especially
hard work in the beginning. He knows from his own battle experience what is

By just being sweet you leave people asleep. They need to be ‘kicked’. Most
often, so-called spiritual people are holding back to anything that has a sense
of pushing or confronting and see that kind of things as negative. Well
sometimes it is necessary to push and confront. The negativity they speak of
or feel is the ego, the self will, the darkside´s manipulation.

The ego wants to do its own things and not listen to someone else. The self
will has its own plans. The darkside does not want another awakened soul.
All are mixed up in a heavy magnet that pulls and pulls into the heaviness
of the negative, the darkside. These are all elements that make the current
situation of the matrix feel nice and at first leaving the matrix makes you
feel sick.

It’s like an addiction that you need to overcome. First you feel sick and
just want to go back to the addiction while you know it’s not good for you.
Then if you are strong enough you will overcome but all the time there are
little voices that want to pull you back, voices of negativity, lust, fear,
doubt. If you know that those voices are there, why not arm yourself with
the helping and supportive voices of guidance, something that Peter keeps
on pressing you to do, talk to guidance, ask guidance, don’t ask me, ask

By speaking out clearly, by kicking where and when necessary, by sometimes
being hard and by sometimes being loving, you can waken souls, this is the only
way. There is no relaxed way to get awake and stay awake. Ever heard of a
relaxed war? Because of his combination of knowing and being Peter can do
this as no other, therefore it’s a part of his task as anyone has his / her
own task that suits the best with their knowing and being.

There are souls that are putting themselves up against Peter because they
feel he is the one that creates the emotions, fear, doubt that they are
experiencing when they get ‘kicked’. Hereby they are not taking their own
responsibility for the fact that these emotions come from within themselves,
and that Peter just ‘pushed the buttons’ so that the blindness of the matrix
is cleared, at least for that moment. Yes that gives one fear, yes that
gives one doubt, that is just a very normal reaction on these abnormal
circumstances we are all living in. It’s a shock to know the truth but it
will bring the better.

Take these emotions as a part of yourself, put you energy in the
transformation of these by reading and learning and listening to guidance
so that you can find your rightful universal treasure of being in service,
spiritually growing and therefore helping the whole of creation.

Delicia and the Spiritual Hierarchy’s Council of Light