Sound Encoding – The Completion of Creation Part 2

“The energy she carries along with her will be activated when you least expect it. It is necessary to disable the DNA patterns responsible for allowing her to channel this type of energy altogether. The energy that she has brought about so far was repressed by her self, in an attempt to keep the darkness contained within her being.”

The more I work with all of those, all of US, who have had our flirtations with the Darkside, the more I see the tendency toward a schizophrenic duality going on within higher level Beings fighting back their past failures in succumbing to the darkside, and their drive and the opportunity Edgar Cayce says we all now have to come back ‘at the rising of Atlantis’ to make different choices from those we have made in the past. the patterning of the past is within each and every one of us and is too difficult for most of us to overcome without a great deal of spiritual healing aid. Reprogramming the DNA is a function of this new Light and Sound Encoding process.

‘Like others (André) the darkness will spring forth as she develops and becomes more aware of who she is, in the process of her spiritual healing. It is important that the connection she has to darkness is permanently disabled and permanently turned to Light, so that the Light she attracts and channels will be able to repel (keep away) the darkness that will be sent to reactivate the dark DNA sequences.

“Her intent about this reprogramming is of ultimate importance as it will decide what she will permanently become – a Light Warrior or a princess of darkness, soon to become a queen and embodiment to dark mother as the process of planetary posession takes place – in the supposed scenario that it can be if not stopped.”

In my explanations of the experiment that planet Earth is, it is explained that the third group of ‘aliens’ interacting with the planet were the ‘good’ guys of the bunch, or well-meaning at least. They decided, as a committee, to use the planet for an experiment in breeding a new kind of Being in the Universe using some of the old Beings as starter material. Like a selective breeding program, 12 or more races were chosen as the basic breeding stock with which to enhance the basic slave Being existing on the planet at that time.

The eventual goal of the breeding enhancement program was to create a new kind of Being, one that was more multi-dimensional in its potentiality, have a wider range of experiences available to it, and one that could potentially speed up the evolutionary process of spiritual awareness in the entirety of Creation. This, of course, would be done through DNA modification and the process of genetic enhancement.

Good plan, bad execution. As one might say, even the best laid plans.

The major flaw with this plan was that the races that were chosen to be the breeding or genetic stock for this new race of Beings, didn’t get along out there in the Universe, and bringing them all together here on planet earth -with a few too many cooks already stirring the broth as well as the occasional loose canon group of aliens thrown in to boot . . nothing seemed to go right.

The DNA, the Holy Grail of planet Earth, the Da Vinci Code of our alien heredity, the ultimate Tree of Life reaching back from planet Earth into the heavens, was screwed up from day one on this planet. And before that, without both the Light AND Sound encoding from the correct highest process of Creation involving BOTH the male and female energies in creation, Mankind’s ability to fight their own ‘bad genes’ has been almost impossible from the very beginning.

The grooves in our record are too well worn, too deep, and too well manipulated by everything around us for most of us to even put up a good fight against what the darkside knows how to do so well — keep us as slave prisoners for their own ulterior motives.