HUman Mission

The Benevolent Ones, they are speaking through us, they are guided by us for we have the access in 3D to things that can change.  THEY need US as much as WE need THEM.  This is what all religions attempt to convey! Our Relationship with “HIM” [as they say].  We are all in this together, and Spirit needs us to commune again as HUman – GOD & MAN. We are both and THEY need US to step into OUR Power here on Earth as keepers and Conduits of the Light For ALL Creation.  It is time, the present is ALWAYS the time to work and act according to the will of the mission set forth in our blueprint.  We have the responsibility to do so, and continue to emerge with each life victorious with the expansion of the light and promise of love with which we were created.  We are created via channels of love, we create in present form, via channels of love.  It is all made possible through the word and manifestation of how we come to be, and profoundly instigate the manifestation, consciously, rather than blindly! The more conscious we are of where we put our loving creative force with which we are endowed, the more growing we can do at a “faster” rate.  However, it is all in good time, it will happen when it is necessary, for all things work as planned – the plan being that there is no plan, just to love and experience and be present in the light, and allow oneself to do this, while guiding others to do the same…
Singing HU can Guide Us to Our Innermost victorious place.  Communion with Our Own will in conjunction with THE Will….
Peace, love, honor, integrity, bliss
Andrija & Guidance