Channeling – Lesson 12 – Working With The Heart

Channeling – Lesson #12 – Working with the Heart
By Peter Farley

The Heart is a woman. The Heart is female. The Heart is Love.
When dealing with it, especially you men, you need to gentle it, calm it, not make it feel as if its very existence is in danger. Like a woman it likes to feel secure in its place, protected, it likes to feel valued and it likes to feel loved. Like an anemone it shuts down when attacked too often or too severely, and often this is for a lifetime as so few of us know how to open up our hearts even by ourselves let alone when they have been so brutally hurt or endangered as this life has to offer.

Native Americans used to say man had two minds, one in the head and one in the chest. Both were needed to be a well-rounded person. First there was the wisdom of the head, and then came the wisdom of the Heart.

Since the heart is female it can easily be hurt and want to recede inside itself, inside a shell to hide away from that which would hurt it or to help heal its wounds. Unfortunately, then it has trouble coming out of that shell again for the courage of the heart is weak without the willpower associated with the mind to help it.

So many of the women I have worked with over the last dozen years of so are ´doormats´ because they lack this associated courage of the will (the masculine aspect associated with the thymus — the seat of the will). And when it comes to men dealing with a doormat, unfortunately even a good man will wipe their feet on a doormat because that´s what it´s for.

When working with the major chakras of the body there is a front side to each and a back side to each. If the enegy flow is blocked in the front then it is because something in our development has blocked the flow. If the chakra is blocked in the back it is because WE ourselves have shut it down, usually for our own protection or perceived need for protection. Thus when working on opening our hearts it is necessary to understand if the blockage is in the front or in the back.

The heart chakra opens in our development between about 4 1/2 to 6 1/2 years of age, and then opens again wider every 12 years or there abouts. Its key issues involve Love, balance, self-reflection, self-acceptance (though this is more so in the solar plexus or 3rd chakra), relationships, intimacy, anima/animus, Eros/thantos, grief/compassion, and devotion. The heart ckara gets blocked in its development if at that age we do not see ´natural, real´ love expressed in those around us or in our immediate contact — i.e., family, and ´loved ones´.

This is where many gay women are blocked in their initial energetic development, thus leading to the stereotype of the ´hard´ lesbian character.
Developmental blockages are usually chosen by us when we first choose our family situations before coming to this lifetime. We choose them specifically for the spiritual lessons they offer us in life and the chance to grow and move forward in our awareness IF we learn the lessons and then overcome the blockages.

The female energies move in a counter-clockwise direction. The male in a clockwise direction. The heart chakra can be opened from the front bu twirling the index finger or palm of the left hand (heart side) over or in the chakra in a counter-clockwise direction. Other chakras can be affected one way or the other by using this technique appropriately using the correct direction of opening or closing and the right hand (male side) or the left hand (heart side).
When the heart chakra is closed at the back it is usually a self-protection mechanism.

One motivational speaker who had spent more years in a Vietnamese prison camp during that war than any other American soldier has a glaring reminder of how much the heart can be hurt. He says that no matter all the pain and suffering he had been through during those years of prison he had never experienced what he thought would be more painful, the pain of a divorce or emotional separation.
Losing loved ones is a fact of life. Our grief is not so much for them. for they are in a better place than this, our grief is more for our own selves and our loss of them. It´s a major problem that man, and especially woman, get overly attached to things on this planet and that then shuts down the flow of life.

Life is a river flowing and love should be that way too. It flows best when we are in the mainstream current of life, and when we withdraw ourselves from that mainstream then the flow lessens. It takes a great deal of work to ´swim´ out to that center of the stream where the current is swiftest, but the effort is worth it because then the current does most of the work of carrying us along on our journeys. Most of us never feel that grand flow because we are always too busy hanging out along the banks too afraid to push off from the perceived safety it offers. Thus we get caught up in every little whirlpool and eddy along the sides of the river, even to getting caught up in the foul-smelling and foetid spots along the river banks where the water does not flow at all.
The heart thrives on adventure and love and freedom.

It is suppressed by anything less than these three magical qualities. Since every relationship on this planet is karmic then the challenge is to learn the lesson that relationship has to offer us and then to move on until we are free of those karmic relationships, have learned the lessons life and love have to offer, and then can be totally free to love who and what WE choose, and then to go have the adventures of a lifetime in service to Spirit and to the Higher Will.
Most often the problem stems from a lack of understanding of the educational process that life affords us. One of the great lies of planet Earth is that love or marriage is supposed to last forever.

In an eternity would you really wnat to be stuck with this one soul and never progress to anything more, much as the Mormons are told their relationships and marriages are for eternity?

I was slow to learn it but eventually did that when one woman left there would always be another along to help me learn my lessons, until I finally did. The ultimate lesson of all this of course is to learn to balance the two sides of ourselves, heart and mind, male and female . . with Spirit, to make that grander whole which is the completion of this balancing process. So many higher individuals who have achieved such a balance no longer NEED a relationship with a member of the opposite sex because they have found that peace and balance within themselves.

With the Higher Self being the opposite ´gender´ of that which we find ourselves here in the physcial body, this is our true ´soulmate´, the other half of ourselves, not a person physically incarnate. They can only reflect what it is we see in our own Higher Selves. The grand search for love is only the search for a perfect balance within ourselves of 2/3 Heart to 1/3 Mind, the true balance ratio of yin to yang, male to female qualities. It is the longing to return to the Source where we feel that connection of Love with all, with everything, with the FATHER. But there is no need to return to Source to feel this situation once again, the easiest way to feel it is to just be. — once we know what this means and can then apply it to our lives and to oour pysches.
Heart without mind is a doormat. Mind without heart is just cruel. Heart needs the balancing aspect of mind to give it more courage, more sensibility, more ´reason´. Mind needs more Heart to make it more understanding, more compassionate, more heart-felt in its dealings with self and with others.

Life must flow or it will stagnate. It is said that the Universe hates a void, well it hates stagnation just as much, the not moving forward that shutting down one´s heart or forward progress implies. Yes, there are rest points in eternity to allow one to recuperate, to just be, to cease the endless struggle of ´seeking´ the awareness of what one already is in soul. But stopping ´learning´ is stopping life and forward movement and growth. It has been proven that brain cells die with no use. More connectors actually grow as the brain is used, even in ´old age´, hence making the circuitry faster and more sophisticated like a new high-speed computer chip.

The heart grows stronger and more resilient with use. The best way to keep it this way is to fall in love at least once a day, with someone, something, with the grandest feeling of all — service to others and to the Higher Will. Love can be in the briefest meeting of the eyes between two people in a grocery store — the recognition of another awakening soul or perhaps of a past love from a previous lifetime now on a different aspect of their journey. Love can be in the antics of a pet, the feel of the wind against the cheeks, the grasp of a tiny child´s hand, the feeling of the open road and freedom. Love can be so many things, and it must be allowed to flow for things that we love only die when they are held too close to the breast and strangled of their life.

Read John Steinbeck´s classic Of Mice and Men and see the lesson of attachment and holding things too close to one´s self until we strangle all the life out of them. Learn to love and let go as the old saying about ´letting the things we love go and if they come back to us then they are ours to enjoy, if they don´t then they never were ours´ and we should feel blessed that they even chose to come by our way, even if for seemingly too brief a moment.

The heart has complexities the mind can never grasp, but the heart needs the mind to follow its passion with some semblance of reason to it, but without being too constricted. I have met very few people who live totally in the heart, but you know what, they were dangerous because their spontaneity held its own form of dangerousness without the 1/3 reason to keep its spontaneity within reason. Unfortuantely, with most of us it is the total reverse that our hearts are totally controlled or shut down through the mind´s fear of spontaneity and the ´what if´ games the mind likes to play. The New World Order also hates spontaneity for this is the flapping of the butterflies wings, the chaos it did not create in order to impose it´s own levels of control. The darkside is almost purely mind-oriented and hence it seeks to shut down this love within all of us.

So should you seek to serve, should you seek to help overturn the New World Order, should you seek to eradicate darkness from this corner of the SuperUniverse, then the answer is simple, simply love…

In service, Peter