Channeling – Lesson 10 – Ten Simple Rules Of Channeling Guidance

Channeling – Lesson #10 – Ten Simple Rules of Channeling Guidance
By Peter Farley

1. Always Command for only your highest Guidance to be allowed to channel through you.

2. Guidance is your oldest and most trusted friend –relax, confide, enjoy the communication with someone who already knows your darkest secrets and doesn´t judge you, only honors you for your choice to serve here on planet Earth.

3. Channeling is the beginning of surrendering each and every day until finally you just do it.

4. Everything in the world will offer itself as an excuse to you NOT to channel or communicate with your Guidance, until you relax and simply allow the communication to happen without judgement.

5. No Master or Spiritual Guide is greater or more loved than you are.

6. Every lifetime you´ve had since coming out of Source has been to lead you to this point in this lifetime to do what you came here to do. Why go though all that training if you never intended to do that purpose?

7. ´Bob from the planet Neon´ loves to palm himself off as Jesus, Sananda, and any other New Age personality he can just to confuse you or play a joke on you and every other gullible New Ager out there. Everyone is capable of channeling a higher level Being than Bob, even if it´s simply your Higher Self.

8. Guidance comes more through the heart than through the head. Like the first impression or the first jolt of intuition, Guidance is that first voice you here with the mind racing quickly on its heels to put in its own opinion and not lose its place of being in charge. Always go with that first voice you hear.

9. Channeling is a natural process of communicating with other parts of yourself –your ´higher´ Self, your Soul Group, and the other parts of Soul who have agreed to work with you –Master´s Guides, Angels etc. It is the norm, not an anomaly.

10. The level of Guidance you get depends on the level of commitment to service you make.