Channeling – Lesson #13 Why People Don’t Channel

Channeling – Lesson #13 – Why people don’t channel
By Peter Farley

“I found your web site and read about channeling and yes I tried to do it. I am not able to hear anything yet.”

I get a whole lot of people asking me about their mission from all over the world. The problem is that for the most part they want me to tell them their mission is ´go here, do this,´ and that´s very rarely if ever the case of how a mission works. When I tell them that I will ´assist´ them to find their mission as it states in that article and then ask them have they done the channeling exercise, it´s the last I ever hear from many. It´s only ever that 1-3 percent who has the courage to step up and be proactive in their own spiritual lives. We´re too ´spiritually molested´ by the religions and new age thinking our overlords have imposed on us to actually fend for ourselves. People are crippled when it comes to being this kind of proactive in their own spiritual lives.

If it´s some kind of passive activity of listening to a sermon or being ´taught´ by a guru then that they will easily buy into. That´s why the spiritual worlds are not filled with spiritual Masters. After countless millennia, people no longer have the willpower to actually pull themselves out of the muck and mire of the slave mentality to make the effort to reconnect personally with their Higher Selves or with their Guidance meant to be here to assist.

Thus the first reason for not channeling would be laziness or mental indolence.

Secondly, is the fear that comes of actually talking with ´someone´ who knows us better than we know ourselves and knows all our little ´dark secrets and thoughts.´ You know that Spirit and our Guidance never judge us. They knows how exacting the laws of karma are in balancing all our thoughts and deeds and that in this schoolhouse called life, the lessons are often difficult, but we will remain, working on those very same lessons again and again until we get them right.

very early on in my own mission when I was very stubbornly refusing to let go of the old ways, Guidance told me “Peter, We will always be here with you as long as you want to remain on the planet, but . . . ” And the but was that it was me who wouldn´t have the fun and the adventure of doing what it is I came here to do, for Guidance always has backups and alternate plans to get the work done because they know how few people actually ever do really get up and do what it is they came here to do. My primary excuse was that I was just Peter Farley from 7 Kamiri Street . . . . . dah dee dahh dee dah . . . and They would say, “No you´re not. So get on with it.” And They literally dragged me kicking and screaming into doing what I have now done and am doing, and never with regret.

Another of my excuses was all the ´bad things´ I had done in my life. And yet with some help They led me to understand that everything I had ever done, good and bad, led me now to be better at what I was doing. Very rarely is there ever anyone who comes to sit on my healing table with a problem that I haven´t ´been there done that´. If I can teach about real spirituality and not just regurgitated fluff it´s because Guidance has had me learn the hard way about every side of the true spiritual coin. Planet Earth is the honors class of honors classes and Guidance is just happy that we agreed to come here at least in an attempt to get something done about what´s taking place here in this lifetime. Better if we get it done, but always appreciative of us ´trying´. We´ve all got dark pasts. We´ve all been here to help create the darkness that now we must fight. But who better than the ones who created it to help also destroy it.

So number two reason is fear of judgement and retribution.

Mental people think they will have difficulty channeling because everything gets over-analyzed by the mind so many times they simply won´t try. Like the lady above who thought she wasn´t doing it – “When I channeled, I felt that I was talking to myself, asking myself questions and answering myself.” Boy, have I heard that one a lot. When I asked her to send me her attempts at channeling, however, there was a good solid portion of it that was her Guidance talking with her and giving some very valid information. All she needed was someone to confirm this for her and to assist her in finding ways to ´screen out some of the mental´ in order to strengthen her connection. Confirmation from an outside source is almost essential in the beginning except for those to whom the whole process comes naturally.

The mind needs that type of feedback in order to begin to relax with the process and find its way through the various little blockages that have accumulated in the connecting hoses between us and our personal spiritual Guidance. Those who do work with someone who knows and can legitimately tell what´s going on with their channeling are the ones who progress rapidly and are more likely to stay doing it for a longer period of time than those who think they can do it all by themselves. When we want to learn any other subject we go out and find ourselves a school, a teacher, a tutor, so why not – in the beginning – with channeling as well? And men are the worst at asking for assistance because of course we all know how much they hate stopping and asking for directions *Smile

Fear of asking for assistance then is number three reason why people won´t channel.

Funny how many times I also get people talking to me about ´automatic writing´ and saying they´ve tried it before. Channeling is just another word for having an intimate conversation with a long, lost friend – one who cares more about us than we care about ourselves. Automatic writing makes it sound like we´re talking with a computer who will answer any question we have because the answer is stored somewhere in its memory banks. Channeling is also often taken to mean someone else ´possessing´ us or taking over the controls of our Being. True spiritual Guidance will never do anything but suggest, lovingly, what´s best for us and for the good of all.

Semantics gets in the way of channeling for some people.

As Guidance has had me say so many times throughout my writings, people don´t want to listen to ´God´ because ´God´ might ask them to do something that they don´t want to do. Therefore they use the excuse “I can´t hear my Guidance.” This, of course, is the primary problem with Earth´s entire situation, self-will versus Higher Will. Spirit and Guidance only want for us MORE than we even want for ourselves. The problem is that, yes, we have to work for it and earn it and then there´s really nothing we can´t have (as long as we´re not attached to having it) when you have all your ´needs´ met by Spirit, then you´d be surprised how very few wants are really that important. Spiritual people don´t have to be paupers or live lives of meager resources. Spirit and our Guidance want us to be happy and fulfilled. It´s a bountiful Universe when we let go of old outmoded beliefs of what spirituality means and how spiritual people should live.

Self-will keeps many from even wanting to be connected to something they think will only take away their lives and leave them penniless and destitute.
It´s more than extraordinary how many people don´t want their friends and family to know that they channel their own Guidance. Planet earth has come to such a bad place in its devolution that people are actually ashamed of being truly spiritual in the face of ridicule from their family, their loved ones and their ´friends´. Family is, for the most part, a karmic dysfunctional unit. Why we give them so much importance always beats me.

And as for loved ones who would not support us in everything we do, particularly something so amazing as to be truly connected with our Highest Spiritual Guidance, then that defines for us where and what the word ´love´ has become on this planet at this late stage of its total paralysis in terms of spiritual evolution. Oh yes, it´s ascending, but none of these kind of ideas and old-fashioned institutions of control will be going with it and if we´re still living those lies and buying in to such invalid definitions of such a wonderful thing as love, then pack your bags because you´ll be off to someplace else where those lies still will be there until you get tired of them and are willing to let go and move on to something so far more real than you could ever conceive.

It´s the New World Order´s primary means of controlling its slaves, the thought of being laughed at or made fun of for doing something that goes against the Matrix´s norm. As Morpheus says to Neo, “This prison doesn´t need guards for it´s the other prisoners who will keep each other in line.”

Peer pressure may just be the number one reason for people NOT channeling and getting the highest level of Guidance available to them to assist in doing their missions.

There´s one motto that helps here in almost every situation. Just do it! You´d be surprised how easy it can be and what never being alone again really can feel like for those of us who once felt so lost.

In service, Peter