We Are All Light Aren’t We

We are all light aren’t we. What do we not have to offer to the Universe? All of our countenances and our experiential evidence of this world of layered frequencies is something to abide by and to heal. The mirrors we are to each other and the reluctancy to heal these mirrors is the detrimental aspect we bring to the table. However, this can all be vindicated and comprise the healing process of this superuniverse.  We are only but what we give to the system of Truth. If that Truth is hindered dis-ease of the human body begins. The dis-ease begets more dis-ease, and the trial in all the eras of existence has proven that the only route to take is LOVE. The frequency of love. To heal all the negative connotations and neglected countenance. For WE are the only ones to heal this world. And it starts with healing our Self. Our Light Body. Forgiving our SELF and all that was lost in the interim, in order to move forward in all factions of Existence. WE have the power to do so by choice. and this power is the one of Truth; Ultimate Truth. Now is the time. It always has been and always will be in this timeless Existence.  There is always an opportunity for forgiveness and improvement no matter what circumstances reach the surface. That is all WE need to worry about in these days to come. These lovely days of our lives in our road to human forgiveness and recovery from all ailments. All that ails us is the least of our problems. It is only a distraction from TRuth. That we are all Light and that we are all healers that have come to spread this light to other sources of light in order to create and evanescent glow of Earthly circumstances for our futures.  This is all.