All of a Sudden

its all so sudden isnt it

the flow of information from source

once you open it up. it flows ceaselessly to you

the conduits that we are of the light that are here to expand light consciousness

the effervescent flow of light and sound that permeates through our bones

the one that is here to satisfy the needs of the “drones”

the ones who no longer understand their source.  the victims that spend high time figuring out what theyre doing here and the others that have the gift of natural adaptation is ; this gap is growing smaller. more and more are beginning to realize that they are here for a purpose and figuring out that purpose is paramount. all of the figuring out can stop once the light is opened. We are only given one piece in moment to moment Guidance. No matter the influence or agenda, one must also be cautious as to who these Guides are.  That decision is made within the heart.  Actually asking the heart muscle questions and feeling either the expanse of joy and wing-like freedom in the back heart chakra, or the low dense feeling of a door slamming in the solar plexus down to the root.  This is how to maneuver each individual agenda.  each of the avatars of Earth have a personal experience and war within to maintain balance. A unit of soldiers in a rescue mission that need to work together in order to be mirrors to each other and be recognized for and astounded by the results of the amplification of light and sound when only two of these human avatars work together. One is strong indeed, two are incredibly strong.  More than two is the reverberation of an entire nation of Lit hearts.  And this is the key to inner revolution and releasing of guilt-ridden victimhood.  Yes, we would like to help everyone, and helping others helps US awaken.  However, the Light must be turned on within to help others. Helping without an agenda or expecting anything in return.  Helping so that no ill will is done from any small percentage of angst within.  The first thing to do in most cases is help oneself connect to the Source of our creation.  The next is to amplify that with other connected ones.  This is truly the grid-changing experience of the enlightened human avatar.  Saving the earth by saving themselves.  Selfless acts of letting the creator energy pour through the pores of the human avatar so that they may “pay it forward” to the next to be enlightened by the interaction or personal experience of Light.