An End to Cyclic Turmoil

Why does it seem like everything happens at once.  That all of the problems of the cycle that has been survived up until the moment of change seem to open all at once in a reeling swirling dervish of a vortex so that all tests and examinations come to a head. Usually all at once. The shedding of the ego and determination of Self Will are all coming together as one unit.  This in fact is the revisiting of the distillation practices that have occurred in the past cycle, and keep cycling until they are completely void and overcome. They will keep happening unless they are halted.  Interestingly enough, the word HALT as described in many therapies for those undergoing life changes are that a relapse of any sort of addictive practice happens when one is Hungry Angry Lonely or Tired.  The balance of all of these things is intrinsic to the nature of the one healing themselves; especially once the decision is made to counteract all previous malicious masochistic tendencies.  This can all be overcome by maintaining the balance between all factors and facets of life.  Once this is realized. the Self Will strengthens and helps to rebalance the ego so that the ego can again serve its purpose to keep one grounded.  Moderation in all aspects is ideal, and relegating all of the egotistical tendencies that persist in turning the Light Being to the Darker frequency will be the best way to mitigate any situation.  Asking Guidance and keeping calm in moment to moment Guidance is a helpful manner in which to keep oneself from diverting to being hungry or angry or lonely or tired.  In this case, then one is able to re-establish the internal Lighted Flame, and struggles will become less evident, and victimhood will dissipate.  All of this said in good humor with the galactic frequencies that are of assistance at any place or time. It is up to one to disclose their need for assistance and reach out for abundance in order to attract that abundance to oneself.  Once the healing is underway, there is more room for helping others on their journey.

Peace and blessings be with all in their pursuits of equilibrium