Truth; Discernment; Merriment; Enjoyment

Why do we dear what we readily rightfully deserve? Is it an idea of discernment? Merriment? Enjoyment? Dear Ones, We have gathered here in this life to support thy Self, to vindicate all lost or ungrateful tendencies—the reasons for anguish in this life are by choice only— We have no other choice when we chose to commit to a lie— Although we try, we cannot be bothered or burdened with change— Here’s to our new life Together, flagrantly disregarding any incarnations of atrociously masochistic behavior. We CAN For Give our Selves, and we will, in due time— Well, guess what time it is—NOW –Now is the due time to give forth to Our Self— Forth Give back to the origin—of derivation— the point of extraction, deviation from original complexes—original Plans— Plans to explore or to heal in the Beginning— Where have we deviated in these plans—Our internal GPS systems lost “power” and we lost our way. Its time to return to that origin—the original plan—it could have even been long ago before any incarnation—even pre thought of soul incarnation—small instances of deviation from the Plan—What your plans were—before this life, in this life, no matter when, for this life reflects that pattern as we coincide now in a timeless existence. Now is also then, and also what will become prospectively—So, what can be done? Calm, Loving Light and vibration—that’s what—whoever is Guided to read these words, may they help them find their way—We are all in this together—No one is alone, but only by choice—we can choose to unite in our natural ways—or choose to deviate from, first our Own Plans, and the plans we make with other ”plan-keepers”—we are walking amongst infinite Blueprints—if no one is aware of them—what do we have in this kaleidoscope we call existence? “Plinko chips” falling into place only if we allow them to…. The Price IS Right. Architects of the future is what We presently are—Creators in Our own Rite— “Earthly 5 year olds” at Will and making decisions based upon those Earthly Five year old convictions, never thinking twice to consequential evidence against them… Lacking Love—Feeling Neglected—Wanting pain to dissipate—We felt these things at least once, and hold them in Our Hearts— Let’s release every bit of US and aloud, command that all these ties and attachments be released and no longer stifling our Power— We are not lacking, ever— We are Whole and Complete—as individuals we stand strong, and as individuals we unite in strength—to banish weakness… if only for a moment—For all it takes is a present moment of Solace to create a Future of Solace— Many Peaceful Blessings, Andrija /Carmonella