The Light Returns as the Light Beings come Home

Original Writing: July 19, 2013


The Light Returns as the Light Beings come Home


As We see fit, we begin to realize and/or WHAT we are. We are beings of Light lovingly composed of particles, covered in articles of clothing created by other Beings of Light and consciousness—

Beneath that what is there?

Hate? Anguish? Love” gratitude? Disturbance? Grace? Disgrace?

This list can go on forever, for what else can there surely be but the indications of these tendencies billowing in the mindfulness of our psyche?

What about the “heartfulness” of our energy?

Blocking this goes without saying—that we are backing what we ARE what we TRULY are. We want to you to know who you are and what you are is truly beautiful.

There is no thin g in this life to worry about for no matter the circumstance the feeling will never last more than 7 seconds. Regulation of emotions and from the tendencies acquired in this lifetime are all that can be done in order that this war be truly won. We speak to you with great heart, with great mind, body and soul, continue on your way. Be mindful and “heartful” with moment to moment Guidance, for it is this that keeps us ever afloat on the currents of life. The mind based Ego stricken language no longer to be used as we coast the waves of insanity into peace. Only our passionate, powerful, positive response to the world around us that abounds us—take this into consideration the next time one might find oneself lost in a flurry of circumstantial evidence negating ones ever prevalent creative nature. Continue on the way, dear ones, without inhibition. No thing can abound us that we cannot thoroughly regulate as a manager of the Universe’s body we currently inhabit in this lifetime!

Respect it, it is all mighty creation from the power to remain nameless. From Mother and Father Creation energies. Forgive them, for like us, and our Earthly parents—we are experiencing all of these things for the first time. They too are learning—especially from us—an amalgamation of schooling where every student is a teacher every teacher a student, every Creator, a Creation, every Creation a Creator—here we are in a kaleidoscope of “REALITY”. Our Reality….


Let’s make the best of it, shall we?