For Truth Seekers

For Truth Seekers




I had a dream that I was flying;

Since I was ten, I’d thought I was dying;

Trying to defend when I thought They were prying;

Chancing to extend, but just ended up crying.

Knowing that what I knew, feeling what I felt;

Awakened to the Truth, feeling as though I deserved a pelt.


For what! Did I do wrong?

No, not now, but before long.

Had I realized the Truth within my Self;

Realized, but hid under the guise in stealth.


I was no fame and I was no beauty;

But others though so, and that was my duty.

To see through the eyes of others in need;

So I could see through their guise and their lies and their greed.

So, to help them cope, as teacher, as servant;

To help them see their inner discernment.

To cope with the dark within and around us;

To help them to spark the light that surrounds us.

What they needed to do was to further pursue;

That the look in their eyes beyond their disguise would no longer be true;

To me and to you.


We would see through that panel of dark gained with age;

We would see it and channel our own Highest Sage.

We would see through the books and the lines people are;

We sould see through their stories, and saw what they thought was bizarre.

For me we are here now in this stage in life;

To banish the hate, to banish our strife.


We must do so now, for who knows about time;

In a timeless society, the Light one know sublime.

The one who sees these peoples’ strife and carries it as her own;

The one whose fault it is for why people roam.

The one who messed up in the beginning of age;

Has come back to serve you, to banish your rage.


This is now the most solemn advice,

To serve those who served you, to pay back the price.

This could be a parent or brother in need ;

This could be the lion, the witch, or the steed.

Why is this hatred so buried alive;

For parasites and goblins and hobgoblins to thrive.

Where is the love that we all once knew;

The architects of ages—those who agreed to pursue.

The channels the psychics, the ones still in fear;

Come out, you, come out now, for Mother needs you dear.


Don’t be afraid as I was in rage;

In fact , please rejoice, and begin to engage.

Understand life in steps, and each moment a stage.

You came here to do this—you came here with choice;

You came here to shine and speak Mother’s voice.

You came here for pain, you came here for pleasure;

Don’t worry, my children, for heres what to endeavor.


The blind and the lame;

To those who play the game.

To those who see the light in their brother;

To those who feel the love for each other.

Be one with the Light.

Be one with the Love.

Be one with the Truth.

With these, rise above.


Breathe in and breathe out, for 4 counts of love.

To your heart send the glow, and the Guidance from above.

We are not what we say that we are on earth;

We are much more than that, and we await this rebirth.


Rebirth to the Truth.

Rebirth that you bear lies.

Rebirth and seek youth.

Rebirth with many tries.

As you seek the Truth,

Reclaim your youth.

Recover that Spirit,

As you love and you bear it.

Give love your woes, give love to your brother,

Give love to your sister, your mister, and Mother.

Don’t be shy, speak your truth, banish the hurt from your mighty fall;

For fall from grace is now but a trace, and we have solidly heard the call;

We are back—we are back in All.