It Takes Work To Be Human

We all encumber this circle with its never ending circumference. Lost in this cycle we are until by force are we removed. The torque that makes the world go round-our world is at an end and as we sit and wonder how we got here rather than actually push where we are told and remove certain imbalances from our life, can we truly move and push forward in to the torque of existence aside from all that. All that we are is information on this information highway that we ride daily. To get to work to get to school. Well, interestingly enough. That never ends. There is LWAYS WORK TO BE DONE AND ALWAYS SCHOOL TO ATTEND! We think that once we retire, we are at rest. Retiring after a long day “at the office”… that still takes work. It takes work and torque of relay. Relaying the message to our body that its time to let go, its time to just be… that’s work… how about lets work on how we will work on ourselves AT WORK. Whatever the task is, whatever the time, allow the torque in the mass equation of time and space, take its toll. If you are a healer, a writer, an artist, a doctor, a lawyer, a philanthropist, an ophthalmologist optometrist, a nurse, a truth seeker, thrill seeker, lover of life, retiree, slave to Ego, Slave to Self, Burdened by history, drug induced, alcoholic, homeless, lonely, union worker, slave of traffic………the list goes on and on. As many humans as are inhabiting bodies every second, this is how many occupations there are. Occupations are existing wholly in the individual in his or her set of circumstances, and behold, what is it that we all see fit to do or know? Do we continue to grow from this knowing that no one can comprehend what we are going through because of our own personal circumstances? Or do we grow in love with what we do in all that we do, whatever line of work it is. This changes from moment to moment. Why are we here if there is no push to be here—no push to move forward through time and throughout eternity. Why. Why substantially do we even bother? Bother caring in one moment and caring not in the next. What is it in that one moment that keeps us saying “ it will all be okay it will all be fine, this was meant to happen this will not destroy me”….. and then makes us in the next breathe say “why me?! Why this? Why now? How could this have happened? What will I do? Where will I go what will I be? What will come of me? After this there is nothing….”   —– The latter is a falsification of reality in a time of struggle with a thought form inhibited by fear. Fear of loss, fear and confusion, fear –an illusion.   The beginning of this statement is that of Guided honor. It will be okay. We have our friends “up there” looking out for us. We are always aided, and we are not alone. No matter what, we are never alone, we are always blessed and beautiful and there’s nothing that can stand in our way—only us. We allow those negative thoughts to take a hold of us… all of those critters to abound us, abscond our energies as we give them freely away. No more. Take back our energies, one blood sucker at a time. One etymology that works is that of calling away aloud, all of the energy vampires stuck in our auric realms and devices. Everything we have is being absconded by a darker reality that exists around us, if we only let it. Those negative thoughts being a resultant of that. Lets release that. Release those thoughts, because those are not us. Those thoughts are not what we really truly are. Those are just figments of our imagination. Or as a beloved friend once mentioned, “fig newtons of our imagination” . Our imagination is golden in times of happiness, and blackened in that of fear. We can devise plans of destruction without consciously trying, but we can CONSCIOUSLY WORK TO OVERCOME THOSE OBSTACLES. That is the work spoken of. Always working for more for better for Light. It takes work— so much torque to remove the dark. So much to just turn a switch to light. How has it become SO DIFFICULT to do what comes naturally? To be a five year old child? That was an easy job before we got in the way of our ease, and created more illusory pain. Pain. With love unscathed by fear, we must move and push and force ourselves into oblivion. Oblivion of happiness in realms unknown to us now. Realms beyond us in the moment of fear. We can be in these realms once more with enough love and force and light from within ourselves. So much work to do what comes naturally?   Human existence is pungent with insanity… for all walks and wakes of life. For every flow, for every occupation, for everything we wanted to be when we grew up, for everything we wanted to see, that all just blew up in our face. We chose the “easy” way. To sleep, to ignore, to be unaware, to be in constant flight, to ignore our Guided plight. To be miserable by our own doing. That’s it. We are done with that now. Move on with the force of reality. With our own reality that is truer than pain, truer than sorrow, truer than the easy way out. There is no easy way, because avoidance causes an explosion or implosion along the line at some point. Better to ease into this process in every waking moment as strongly as possible. It takes work to be human.