I’ve Been Here Before

I’ve been here before…. I know who’s lurking at the door… At “heaven’s” gate They incessantly await…. And, in our time And in the line Of duty we denote Of vindication we promote. We exude peril for justice but presume concurrently with such practice as we have known throughout our lifetimes As we continue to strive for excellence in all that we do, we will see the light of day in an entirely newly contrived way. Manner of speaking that detains our inhibitions for what we have to offer is far greater than fear in this lifetime. So, my friends we have come to a time in our lives that we can tell to our children retrospectively in a new dimension of time, reality and space, in our hearts and in our minds we are completely in sync with our destined chart predetermined to an extent which we will not know until we have gone through to that space.. We will arrive at the juncture of our lives to which we will hum an incredibly accurate tune to what vibrational sound encoded frequency we will need to succeed at our concurrent lifetime. We will know exactly the time and day that we will be feeling the vibrations of the earth more fervently, and will frequent our old haunts less and less, and always strive for more and more—of us to shine through. To shine through to the core of the earth… and, as we sit and ponder how we have come about in moments and times of distress, the rest of us (humans) will be walking with the light in order to hold the vibrational frequency of love so that our universal consciousness and direction can once be awakened. The more we realize this, the more we will spread our Joy and Love to the Earth… Don’t hesitate for a minute to understand that the dark is no longer—no longer a factor in our existence, unless we give it energy. Take our energy back into eternity with us, is what we shall do, and no longer will it be stricken from our being and taken advantage of by darker forces for the love of strength and power of the dark is not yet over, nor will ever be in the near future… what will happen is more individuals awakening will understand to know and grow in their new awareness of Self, and ultimately walk with their “Feet on the ground and the Head in the clouds” as Peter would say….. Always striving for excellence in the effervescent nature of the strength that encompasses our every demeanor in this existence—in the here and now—always and into eternity. Peace and joy in the days to come…. Andrija