Grace & Beauty

Dear Ones,

It is safe to say that we are growing strong in our convictions and sound in our judgment—or rather—discernment. Realizing slowly, yes, VERY slowly, what we have to offer and choosing wisely with whom or what we exchange energy with.

Our energetic performance and preferences are everything that shape us in this lifetime—knowing, loving, feeling the way through to the other side—the other side of the coins that we have tossed are what strengthen our ability to stride on—the grass is greener on the other side—that is to say that the polarity of wherever we stand at this moment does not prove to allow contentment, honor and a sense of joy in this life. If one thins proves to make us unhappy, shall we not do the opposite just as passionately? For is it not true to us that passion in any regard, whether angrily or lovingly or peacefully channeled is much more rewarding than complete flagrant disregard and unresponsiveness to the world surrounding us and affecting us electromagnetically all of the time. Once a sense of balance and peace is kept in the end of the spectrum where true passion lies, we will find grace.


When a sense of passion derides our sense of fortitude or resentment—this is when we truly channel our Highest Selves. What we know and how we grow is all on a basis of decisiveness. Once we begin to make decisions that benefit all parties involved, we see a greater sense of unity and peace with the world. Healthy compromise is honored and greatly esteemed and being master of this Within one Self is a great ability to see Beauty [on every level]. We love to see this in others as we see it in us. If nothing else, we seek to grow in love with others and understand them better. It is not enough to just experience them first hand, but it is enough that we carry on and move forward and onward, dears. We do not know what to do when to do it, and would really like to understand more about ourselves. Our Guides are learning with us as well. We are all in this together….


Peace Be with US