Harlot’s Surmise

Inevitable cries from the harlots surmise

That ubiquitous lies beyond passions contrived

Lead you to believe , to not always believe in what you perceive

For lies and deception, our souls interception,

Our hearts recognition, our body’s permission

To go to leave to stay to grieve

To push to shove to put up your glove

To fight to finish as your lies begin to diminish

You try to detect what your heart yearns to inflect

Your victims and your guides

And your soul that coincides

And your stillness that provides

Satisfaction in disguise

Meager glances and the prize

And the prose that we suppose

That the legends presuppose

That our lifes are meager footprints

In the velvet dark the light glints

And its us we are the footprints

We are the lights and flames flints

We flagrantly toss divine hints

As we vanish as we glow

As our hearts content, bestow

Upon the earth upon your footing

Upon the earth to fill the good thing

The fruit to reap the truth in heaps

That makes our hearts contented leaps

To faint to fail in time we flail

In eternity we hail and disguise not

For we are the ones that surmise lot

And never collide with the souls shot

Because in our lives we’re in the right spot

Every time every rhyme

Every victim in the reigns

The light the life that gains

The soul that aches and pains

For approval for pains removal

For the victimless shots of paradise

Every now and again

Every blind and lame and every negligent friend

Every person worth their lot

And every victim gets what the got

Because in the end with every friend

With every failure at rivers bend

Every letter and thought you thought you ought to send

We banish into eternity and life becomes filled with uncertainty

As we pretend to live real lives to live real strife

To become really alive and bold in pursuit but falling short in every suit

Loving an leaving for all that’s begun because its all a painless victim with her song that’s never sung and the lies and the tries and effervescent instigation into realities unknown that are flagrantly disregarding the world that she was shown

The self that she wont own the pride that’s overgrown

The shadows that have reaped what they have sown and the litigation practive that becomes forever known and wishes to surprise the victims surmise.