I Had A Dream That I was Flying…

I had a dream that I was flying, and that’s when I ultimately knew that Peter’s work was real for me—That’s when I understood to trust how I feel, as opposed to what I think and learning from my heart’s song.  Was it real or was it imagined? Just a communication from my subconscious? Are not those all the same thing? Some might say, “Oh that’s just your imagination”.  Yep, third eye consciousness awake while you are sleeping.  Listen to them.  Dreams are indeed the reality of who and what we are, they affect us in way that can move mountains in our lives.  We must listen to them, for they are telling us the answer—straight from the heart and core—the heart never lies.

We are brought up in the dark about who and what we REALLY are.  I know I was! Living in a world of destruction makes us Light Workers so sad at first.  We are unable to realize why we are sensing so much fear and anxiety, so we in turn express that in our daily lives and grow darker and deeper…until one day…. We wake up!  And oh, how light and shining is the Light that we see in others, but especially within ourselves!  What we neglect to realize at first is that we pick up on so much transmission of negative or dark energy that we sponge it up like a child with candy on Halloween.  That time ends once you’ve stepped into the Light.  It’s much safer and fulfilling on this side of Creation!

So why do we endure so much pain in this life and other lives of ours? … For the love of love, of course.  We choose to come here exactly where we are born to do exactly what we need to do in order to help Creation for love.  Every second of our existence is one done for love—even the negative ones too.  Those moments are just a distortion of love by the ego and attachments, and we can let go of those too by loving them as they are.  They all make up why we are the way we are, and in turn what we will need to fix and change in order to be in the Highest state of love.  Right now, I am trying at this, as we all are.  It is constant maintenance, but we will succeed.

The Light always prevails.  Let us remember that we are light in every sense of the word—in every corner of the world—Our World.  That is who we are and who we come to be in each lifetime.  The bigger picture shouldn’t matter to us if the inner picture is neglected, right? We don’t usually care about anyone but ourselves, UNTIL we care about ourselves.  The notions we have about loving other people are never really real until we feel it within ourselves.  We take ownership of others and think that that is in fact love. Well, of course it is, but it’s a bit muddled by fear and anxiety and lack of Self-love.  All is truly love, but the truest love is deepest and lightest, and something we will all experience, or have experienced.  We just forget.  We also forget how to make that feeling last—it takes work.  Let’s keep up the good work! All are beautiful in this life and instigate and propagate love in all facets.  The Source of Light we are connected to experiences everything that every being alive experiences, so Let’s make it worth Their while to feel, right?

Here is a little about me, and why I have chosen to come forth to do the work that Peter and I started.  I am Andrija Radić.  I was reliving lives inside this body over and over…and OVER again—understanding NOT the consequences of my actions.  I was NOT aware of who or what I was and am, and essentially afraid of my own shadow.  As well as other tall shadows I felt that I did not understand about.

Now, once I understood the beauty of me, the beauty of who I really am, the Light went on.  Yes, literally the light turned on and those shadows would have no power over me any longer.

I started communication with Peter Farley in February 2012.  “Just in time”, he told me, “February 15th was the cutoff”.  Not understanding what that meant, but feeling it was right, I agreed.  I found Peter after receiving a Light Being channeling from another source, and was interested to go deeper into communication with my Guidance.  This was Peter’s main initiative with all those who contacted him—to get them to listen to Them, their Guidance.


After we discussed these things, and he had read what I had written, we agreed that he should do some work on my ego-centered chakra.  I then had the dream that I was flying!  That usually happens in detachment from ego.  It took me 17 years to be able to fly again, and ascertain that I am truly free to fly in all walks and wakes of this life.

Peter found my energy to be “fluffy and white—rare for someone your age”, is what he told me.  “You must be the lightest person in Chicago, what are you still doing there?”.  “You should come to Oregon where it will be safe for the massive shift in April”.  April 4th to be exact—Peter’s 60th birthday.

He said that things would happen spiritually and physically that I would need to prepare for, and I need to leave in March, or it would be too late.  He likened the physical events to the movie, “The Road”.  I knew that this was what I needed to do.  Not to just follow someone blindly to a place I did not know, but I understood that I needed to go.  My heart and solar plexus said “GO”!  So, I went.

Peter claimed that we would be doing grid work together.  He explained that electro-magnetic energy was created from the two poles–male and female, so two were needed to finish the blueprint for the shift.  He had told me that my Highest Guidance was Haroon directly, and that I have a strong connection that just needs to be nurtured to grow.

I surrendered my new job which I was “crazy in this economy to do”.  The day and time that I’d surrendered was the exact time that Peter claimed They used me as a vehicle to usher in new energy. He told me that They told him this as he was having coffee at Barnes and Noble, as he felt the jolt of energy being sent in.  I was the other vehicle, because I was sacrificing to serve for Creation, rather than be safe in “reality” as most might call it.

I then packed and got ready for the shift.  I had never left home before, nor had I driven more than an hour or two alone somewhere.  I was expected to drive for 35+/- hours to a land I’d never seen with a person I’d never met, and with information that was scaring the “hell” out of me.  [“light” in English is translated to “hell” in German….perspective is funny…].

I naturally did not go alone, and I brought my father.  It was symbolic of the end of Patriarchal energy, and the beginning of a dual polar existence.  Beautifully played in this movie I call life.  Our car just crossed the Oregon border, on March 9, 2012, when I received a phone call from Peter’s phone.  When I returned it, it was the Chaplain at the hospital.  Peter had had a heart attack, and due to a lack of identification [he was off the grid], they asked me whose phone it was.

When I arrived, they refused to let me see him, because he was not identified, and there was no way of knowing if I was family or not.  I stayed there for about two days, got in contact with a friend of Peters’ in Nevada, and then headed to Southern California to visit my brothers.  I met with his friend in Nevada, march 15, 2012, which had also been the day Peter passed in the hospital,  and had made arrangements to stay with Peter’s landlady, who serendipitously had the same name in Polish as my GodMother.   I had also found a temporary job opportunity in the town Peter was living in.  So, I made my way back to see what I could do.

Peter’s Nevada connection got in touch with Peter’s sister, who then signed his ashes to me to spread. I did so at Mt. Shasta in Northern California, where his energy to this day is an energetic capstone to the mountain.  I had met an Australian who had set up the Telos foundation in Australia who had helped me with Peter’s ceremony, on april 21-22, 2012.  There is video footage and photos of this small event.

I offer my Divine Guidance to serve those who will be served.  I have sacrificed my comfortable life to live up to what my “gut” told me.  I suggest that those who read this do the same.  It’s not worth missing what that great leap may bring.  Pease, ask Guidance. They are waiting to pave the path of Energetic synchronicities to make your heart glow.


May Peace and Blessings be with you,

Andrija Radić

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