I am love I am the truth I am life

Intrinsically so and everything else, More; mediocre galore


No quibbles or squabbles

Not troubles that borrow with any souls sorrow


In light and in truth

In troublesome youths


They know no better

Victims of Instigatory letters


Penetrating the minds of the bitter pursuits

Knowing that deep inside weve banished our fruits


Of our labors

Of our neighbors


We know not, and have come to the realization that nothing deride

in order for us to coincide .



We have come to the realization that In love, its all we’ve got


All we’ve got for scornful youth—

All we’ve gotten beside the truth


Beside ourselves we find our token

For the introspective, for the outspoken


What we know and what we know not

Is nothing more than something we forgot


And if we sit and listen to the tide—

And know our selves, our souls deep down inside


For that is all and that is truth

That is all instilled in youth


That is all we need to know

That is how we’ll learn to grow—


Stemming back for we know how—

Striding forth the ways we know now


Loving ourselves and loving our brothers

Loving our sisters, our fathers and our mothers.


Knowing the truth and knowing it all

That is what beget our initial fall


We know nothing; And deserve the world

We mustn’t only serve our souls, but serving others, our love’s unfurled.


We know not what we do until the deed is done

But what we DO know is this life is made for our souls to expand, and to just have fun


That is all