To be bashful is not to say that we diminish our practice and our Beingness subsides. Dread we not, the substantial circumstances on which we rely to change our Beingness from a wealth of loftiness to a wealth of knowingness. Lofty talk is not of substantial promise in this day; in this age. We do not see fir the substantial tyranny that goes on to live within us. Goes on with our knowing; goes on without our knowing. Our ability to and capability of knowingness is lost with our striving for ego. With our alien encounters—that is, finding within us the alienation of practices to raise our intrinsic vibrational tendencies, as we see fit—our egos tend to get in the way of dimensional breakthroughs. Literally and figuratively opening doors, actually opens or closes portals or potentialities or dimensions. As we see fit, the rooms we occupy in space, in our minds, in our homes/ residences, each exude a certain feel—one familiar, one not familiar—Passing through the doorways of our homes brings us into new dimensions—while one room can be rowdy, cannot one be calm or one of solace? Then, surely, we do pass through waves of dimensional frequency changes between rooms, or corridors. We could call these too, portals. Dimensional portals that can be opened and closed at will. It is not up to us to decide whether or not Lightness or Darkness persists in our Homes, but to insist upon freeing the home of any influence not conducive to development into a more expansive existence—Our Bodies as homes considered as well. Thinking with Heart centers and Guidance within, please shed light upon the understanding that our rebirth can happen at any moment and at any time—several times per day in fact. As these feelings persist within our consciousness, we must congratulate ourselves for doing well. For, our demeanors exist in this life to change the frequency around us. – From within, we exude this lovingly Guided presence to all that surround. Closing dark portals within, as we step forward through the doorways of our Home—Our home is also within us and all around us, always. We are here to love our Home and our Mother. Interestingly enough, on this note, the Maya hieroglyphics for Mother, home, and mouth are the same if not similar enough to compare—origin, residence, expressive resonance coinciding in the same symbol. The Maya home/ structure to reside within, designed with the Mothers womb in mind, by the Maya themselves. Beautiful analogies from beautiful Guidance…Thank you.. Enjoy Bliss, my Brothers and Sisters…. Andrija