One With Whole Heart and Conviction

As she yearns and steps forth into fortitude and gratitude her attitude may change to something more comprehensive… tiredness assuredly, but lest you wait as we come together an unify for the final price to pay is nothing compared to what is to come. It is free. Freedom. Here it sing it feel it freedom. No she will not be living in her current energy. Her energy will change and her surroundings will follow. Obviously pray tell, “que tal” [Spanish? Really?].. What we know and what we do not is unequaled unparalleled by your power.. because you live in more worlds than one only you can tell what is happening for you, she will need guidance no doubt, but not by you. By her inn Guide. Yes, she will come to when the time comes and nears, but as of now, resonate in love with her new prosperity in understanding what has been ailing her. Even so, my dear, this feeling she has and had is completely and utterly flowing through the ether. This energy that is released could be her lifetimes, but remember my dear, because this information is sacred consecrated in light energy and vibration it becomes and soon desires the frequency of another. Meaning that selectively, prospectively, the outlook of the future is a conglomeration of mish mosh energies that exist and coincide here and now, not all of the memories ours. The memories are mothers. Mothers seem to be having similar occurrences in their lifetimes and patterns, because original source energy Mother was compromised. This may or may not make sense to you now but soon very soon it will. You will understand, as will We or I. I want you to know that I am , and you are, and she is.. All of Eternity spiraled into one big web of lies and truths living harmoniously together, not necessarily always in harmony with each other. Please understand, know and respect this… As for Teresa, you know what to do, dear. Don’t ask… Did you not get the answer upon asking? She will be evidently more substantial in her convictions, and this loss will spiral her downward upward out of the funk in which she lies. Dearest, sweetest girl, you don’t have to worry about a thing. We will get you back to where you need to be in no time. No, don’t worry about Christmas time. You will be not at the place your expecting, but also not in the place youre not. Keep this in mind and heart as you go through your endeavors, and may peace be always at your side, my dear, dear friend. One with whole heart and conviction. Entirely of possession uncompromised in your lofty presence. Unbound by fear and strong in your convictions you will be as you gain this strength from the depths and gallows of shallows of inner darkness. Dark ones persist and evade the natural. You are past all that. The work wont be as hard around Christmas… Several, maybe four new people who resonate to you will be in your life, Dear Teresa, for it is in this rite that you shall be satisfied. My dear, go and cultivate the shallops [side note, I at first heard or felt
“shallot,” but shallop made more sense when I looked it up after the fact] a small open boat propelled by oars or sails and used chiefly in 
shallow waters]

of enormity, for you are brave and you are One. You are Warrior.