Uses for the ESSENTIAL OILS [Young Living blends]
(From the upstate NY YoungLIving ladies)

is the most “universal” oil. (When in doubt, use Lavender.)
It’s antiseptic, analgesic, antitumoral, sedative, anti-inflammatory.
Wonderful effects with healing burns! Since Lavender is antitumoral,
I apply it to my chest & abdomen (about 3-2 drops) after showering.
Then, as with all the oils, I cup my hands (over nose & mouth) &
inhale deeply 3 times. When I started using these oils (7/99), I had
wicked pain in my right calf. It was nerve damage, due to an old (35
year) knee injury. This thing was excruciating. In the beginning, I
tried PanAway, which had very little effect. Then, I tried Lavender &
Peppermint (2 drops of each) on my knee & calf. The relief was
immediate! I did this twice daily for about a month. Since, I’ve had
absolutely no pain!

(Lavender also is great for cold sores. You feel one coming on apply
and it’s history. I have also seen ulcerated sore heal over
completely from the
use of Lavender. Nancy Sanderson) I have used Lavender on burns for
myself and
children with remarkable results. I apply directly to the burned area
and the
burning stops immediately, with no blistering. Just reapply as
needed. (Kathy
Kouwe) I have used Lavender to TOTALLY eliminate by allergies and my
I rubbed two drops on the bottom of the feet and 2 drops on the neck,
forehead and temples faithfully every night and the allergies were
gone. (Jill Young)

LEMON is anti-infectious, disinfectant, antibacterial, antiseptic, &
antiviral.It can improve circulation, promote white blood cell
formation &
improve immune function. I use this daily on the bottoms of my feet
(2 drops per foot). As a result, my spider veins are going away. I
also used to have a foot odor problem if I wore shoes with any man-
made materials. I can wear anything now with no problem! When I’m not
sure of water purity, I put a drop in my glass of water (tastes great
too)! I mix a drop in a teaspoon of water & wipe the kitchen counter
to kill bacteria (makes the kitchen smell fresh too). I mix a few
drops in a small amount of warm water to clean our Weber grill
(really cuts the grease)! (Lemon is great for seed warts. I have seen
them just fall off after just having Lemon applied to them three
times. Nancy) Great stain remover…I have used on stains on clothes,
including blood and it comes right out. I put a couple of drops of
lemon on the stain and some soap & water and scrub. I also soak all
my fruits & vegetables water with 1 or 2 drops lemon?makes them last
longer and removes the petrochemicals. I put a couple of drops of
lemon on the stain and some soap & water and scrub. (Kathy Kouwe)

PEPPERMINT is anticarcinogenic, supports digestion, decongestant,
anti-infectious, antibacterial, antifungal, stimulant, cardiotonic,
stimulates gallbladder, pain-relieving, expectorant & anti-
inflammatory for the
urinary & intestinal tracts, fevers, heat stroke. On a hot day, I put
a drop in
a glass of cold water & drink. It cools me down right away, even on
the hottest
days when I’m working out in the yard. I rub a couple drops on
forehead, over sinuses (not too close to my eyes) & on the back of my
neck for headaches. I rub it on my joints for arthritis/tendonitis pain. Since
the oils have a cumulative effect, I hardly ever have those pains
anymore! It’s fantastic for any kind of digestive problem (nausea,
gas, vomiting, diarrhea, flu, etc.)! I just put a drop on my tongue &
rub a couple of drops on my abdomen. I start to feel relief
immediately! Anytime I feel feverish, I rub a drop on the bottom of
each foot. If I start to feel sleepy (long distance driving), I rub
some under my nose, on my neck & inhale deeply.

Peppermint was applied to my little two year old granddaughter’s feet
and the
peppermint floral water sprayed on her body to reduce the fever of
103.5 and it
worked. My son use to get heat strokes quite often so he is never
without the
peppermint to apply to the back of the neck and forehead to cool him
down. I use
peppermint to keep the ants out of the house. I just sprinkle it
across the door jab and when one came up to come in as I was applying
it he reared up on his hind legs with his antennas waving and he
pivoted around and was gone. I also add 10 drops of peppermint to the
peppermint floral water to make it stronger and spray the horses to
keep the biting bugs off. Nancy) When I have a bad headache I fill a
capsule with 10 to 12 drops and it works great!
(Kathy Kouwe)

JOY is an exotic blend of Rose, Bergamot, Mandarin, Ylang Ylang &
Lemon. It may bring joy to the heart & help to overcome grief &
depression. On days when I feel out-of-sorts (cranky, frustrated,
depressed, etc.), I rub a drop over my heart & a drop on the bottom
of each foot. About 5 minutes later, I realize I’m no longer in a bad
mood! In the beginning, this was the only
fragrance I didn’t especially care for. Now, I like the aroma so much
that I sometimes wear it as a perfume! If I have to drive in heavy
traffic, I can handle the stress a lot better too. (There has been
some people like Lynn who didn’t like Joy, then apply harmony on the
thymus and behind the ears. Then 10 minutes later try Joy and see if
you don’t like it now. Put 3 -4 drop on a wash cloth and put in the
clothes dryer to give the clothes a great fragrance and to help you
feel uplifted.) Nancy Sanderson

PANAWAY is a blend of Helichrysum, Birch or Wintergreen, Clove &
Peppermint. It helps reduce inflammation, increasing circulation &
healing, thus, reducing pain. It can give relief from arthritis,
sports injuries, sprains, muscle spasms, bumps & bruises. I have an
old back injury. Though usually not severe, the pain was sometimes
incapacitating. It was especially bad when I first got up in the
morning. In the beginning, I rubbed the PanAway (about 3 drops) on my
lower back twice a day. The relief was amazing & almost immediate!
Also is great whenever I have any stiffness or soreness in my
shoulders. As I said, the oils have a cumulative effect. Now, I
hardly ever need to use the PanAway because I rarely have any pain!
Christian, my son, loves this oil blend! Unfortunately, he suffers
from wicked headaches frequently, like I used to. I’ve seen him apply
this to his forehead, temples & neck. Within minutes, he has a big
grin on his face! Now, I rarely have a headache & I hope it will be
the same for him soon. (PanAway is also great for massed fingers and
toes and any type of bruising apply on location–Nancy Sanderson)

PEACE & CALMING is a blend of Blue Tansy, Patchouly, Tangerine,
Orange & Ylang
Ylang. It’s a gentle fragrance that promotes relaxation & a deep
sense of peace.
This blend can help reduce stress, depression, anxiety & insomnia. It
also maycalm overactive & hard to manage children. I used to have
lots of
trouble sleeping. I began rubbing this on the bottoms of my feet & on
shoulders before going to bed & started to get good quality sleep!
says the Lavender works better for him on sleepless nights. We’re all
different. Don’t be afraid to experiment.) Now, I only need to use it
when I travel. Sometimes Meisha (our kitten) thinks 3 AM is
playtime. If I put a drop on her paws, she’ll go right to sleep! Yes,
these oils are great for our furry friends too! If I’m feeling
stressed, I rub this on the bottoms of my feet (2 drops) & 1 drop on
my shoulders. Within minutes, I’m very relaxed! (You may add lavender
with the Peace and Calming for insomnia 3 drops each mix and rub on
the feet and a couple of drops around the naval be careful so it
doesn’t get inside the navel. It can sting some, and a couple of
drops and the back of the neck and this will indeed take care of the
insomnia. Also you can alternate with Citrus Fresh and Lavender for
insomnia. Nancy Sanderson)

PURIFICATION is a blend of Citronella, Lemongrass, Lavandin,
Rosemary, Melaleuca
& Myrtle. When diffused, this antiseptic blend cleanses the air &
neutralizes mildew, cigarette smoke & disagreeable odors. It may be
used to
cleanse cuts, scrapes & neutralize the poison of insect bites
(spiders, bees,
wasps, etc.), scorpions & rattlesnakes. (Poison ivy and oak.) During
winter, when most of our windows are closed, I diffuse this blend, to
kill airborne viruses & keep the air smelling fresh. If you don’t
have a diffuser, just put a couple of drops on cotton balls & put
them in a few rooms in your house. Once or twice a week, add a couple
more drops & replace the cotton balls once a month. You’ll be amazed
at how fresh your house will smell! A few weeks ago, there was a bad
fire about 40 miles east (Jan.’01) & the wind blew the smoke in our
direction. Even with all our windows closed, we were having
difficulty breathing. Within 5 minutes of diffusing Purification, we
stopped coughing & the soreness in our lungs went away! Sophie is one
of our cats. She’s quite the hunter & has gotten into trouble a few
times (spider bites & wasp stings). Before these oils, she developed
vasculitis & I had to take her to a specialist regularly. This & the
Lavender have saved us lots of money at the veterinarian’s office!
Just put a drop of each on her paws & within 15 minutes, she’s up &
playing again!

If I eat chocolate, I sometimes get a “zit”. I put a drop of
Purification on the area & by the next day, it’s gone! (Purification
is also great for respiratory problems, plus it really does
neutralize the poison from insect bites. I was bite by a brown
recluse spider and you know how bad that can be. I applies one drop
Melrose, one lavender, and one heliochrysum directly on the bite and
then made oatmeal compress and added those oils to that and put the
oatmeal compress on to draw the poison out. This worked great and it
healed up but would erupt again and look like hamburger. That was
when I learned about Purification. Upon applying it for the first
time it healed up and never erupted again. (Nancy Sanderson)

To apply the oils, simply tip the bottle & allow drops to fall into
your palm. Then, lightly rub on the area. Try to avoid putting on
your clothes for 3 minutes. This will allow the oils to absorb
completely. These are all natural PURE THERAPEUTIC GRADE A ESSENTIAL
OILS! Since our bodies are all different, we won’t all get the same
results with the same oils. Don’t be afraid to experiment till you
find what’s right for you.

Peter Farley