Self-Will and the Luciferian Agenda Part 4/4

Self-Will and the Luciferian Agenda Part 4/4
Peter Farley

Keanu Reeves new movie, Constantine, presents us with an age old
Biblical version of God versus Lucifer –all hellfire and brimstone
and the tearing apart of men’s souls in the struggle of good against
evil. It misses totally the metaphor of self-will used for one’s
own gain versus self-will used for the benefit of the Higher Will
and of all those concerned.

Volume 7 of my book, Where Were You Before The Tree of Life?, will
be titled The Hunt for Lucifer and will deal very much with this
real issue of what the differences are between ‘god’ and ‘the devil’.

As each volume or series of volumes has been written it has been a
gradual unfolding of my own understanding of how everything fits
together in this Matrix and in the spiritual universe in which it
resides. The Hierarchy have ‘led me’ to piece together the many
parts of the puzzle rather than just ‘given me’ the understandings
that have fit together so perfectly all the events of history and
how we have been led to the situation we currently find ourselves
in. The series of volumes is subtitled “The True History of the
Darkness and of the Light” and though some accuse me of focusing too
much on the darkness, how can we understand what we are doing or
what we are here to overcome if we don’t understand the many faces
which that darkness takes? So many people talk about the Light when
really they are referring simply to the lesser light, that of

Many worlds have fallen to this Darkness before ours–this is the
story we are seeing recounted before us in George Lucas’s remebrance
series Star Wars. Many of us still have such memories of lives on
other planets fighting against this tyranny that seeks to suck the
Light out of all Creation. And, one more time, we are here to do it
all again. As in any war, there is always a crucial turning point in
the struggle that turns the tide in favor of one side or another.
For the seemingly eternal struggle against darkness in this corner
of the universe, Planet Earth is it–and it’s not looking good for
any of us right at the moment.

Most of us have some vague notion of the Creation, either from the
Christian Bible or from of the other holy books of various
religions. SOme of us get our information from the realms of
evolutionary science such as it may be.

None of these Creation stories provide, however, the necessary
details needed to satisfy our rational minds as to how creation and
the evolution of life truly began or how they work moment-to-moment
in this Universe. If we do not like the Bible’s simplified version
of the Creation we are then left with the scientists’ fanciful
notion that after a Big Bang somehow life sprang out of a lifeless
universe. From this cosmic explosion of matter Man managed to pull
Himself out of the muck and mire of a swamp somewhere as a single-
celled creature which then became a fish, and then a monkey, and
then a proto-human, and then the ultimate creature of the Universe–
civilized man.

All these Creation stories whitewash a much more extraordinary event
than has ever been portrayed before now, one which has as its origin
Original Cause?the beginning of all things. That is where the real
story of the Tree of Life begins, long before the origins of this
planet even came into the sentient thoughts of its Creator Beings.

My, so far, six-volume book, Where Were You Before the Tree of Life?
earned its title because it is necessary to look at where we existed
before our origins on this planet in order to understand who and
what we are and why we act the way we do. This takes us back to the
very origins of the universe and to the universal cosmic families
from which we all once stemmed. Just as each one of us reflect our
physical family and upbringing here on Earth, so too do we also all
reflect our cosmic parenting as well. The journey of discovery
through our cosmic origins gives us a greater insight into this and
into the choices we have to make to determine the lives we will have
to live in the not to distant future.

For many of the beings on this planet Creation even involves going
beyond this universe to other Super Universes and into the very
heart of creation?the Central Universe itself.

Hopefully, for some,the book becomes a way of dispelling the myths
from their lives, a way of cauterizing the insidious effects which
these many thousands of years of propaganda have had on the group
consciousness of this planet. As a side benefit it also educates its
reader on their own history so that none of those who wish to will
ever be doomed to repeat over and over again the mistakes of the
past–as the old saying goes, those who do not learn from their
history are doomed to repeat it.

By purposeful intent the book/history also helps serve to restore
the female energy to Creation which has for so long been suppressed
or plainly just hidden from the eyes of the masses by the patriarchy
of a `jealous God’.

In fact, one of the driving forces that inspired the book and its
title was a dream, or a vision, if you will, had by one of the
original participants in the project. In this vision, the woman saw
a large tree similar to an oak, with many spreading branches and
leaves. Beneath it were dug two graves. From the one grave a man
arose, floating off into an ethereal-like sky. From the other grave,
no one arose. This was taken to mean that while the male essence had
been allowed to rise in order to be able to pursue its efforts of
ascending the Tree of Life, the female remained buried, trapped
beneath the mounds of earth shoveled upon her and her energies in
order to keep her from rising to equality and taking her rightful
place alongside man in Creation.

This has been a serious miscalculation on the part of the male
essence and an insidious part of Lucifer and the patriarchy’s plan
to subjugate women for the exact purpose of controlling and
manipulating the very processes of Creation itself. It takes a
combination of the male, the female, and of the neutral force or
Holy Spirit, in order to truly create. The female creates space for
the male to fill, while the neutral force is the creative spark or
catalyst which unites the two into one grander essence. Without all
three in the correct proportion,the divine ratio, that which is
created is lacking a full compliment of the Light and Sound needed
to make a ‘whole person’. This is the way many Beings are here on
this planet, and the reason most will not and cannot, by themselves,

Gnostic scriptures have always included the idea that this Universe,
and subsequently this world, were created by a pair of ‘damaged’
of ‘flawed’ Creator Parents. This, to them, was a way of explaining
why Darkness seemed to have such a foothold on the planet? Darkness
being the opposite of the Light which the FATHER IS, and from which
all of HIS Creation should also be made.

Everything from the Creation of this Super Universe until now has
been about the healing of these Creator Parents and, subsequently,
of Their Creation. While the energies of the Creator Parents have
just recently been healed due to the selflessness of those involved
here on the planet, Lucifer’s healing is not. It now becomes the
major focus of what’s left to be healed as the final hurdle to the
healing that needs to be accomplished to save this entire corner of
the Universe from falling under the control of those who would
enslave it in its entirety.

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince man that
he didn’t really exist.” This is a line which has popped up in
several Hollywood movies of the past ten years, and it is so so
Phyllis Schlemmer’s Council of Nine, in The Only Planet of Choice,
refer to Lucifer as `the Opposition’ ? He who is in opposition to
the FATHER and to the goals of the FATHER in Creation–hence Self-
will as opposed to the Higher Will. They say they do not even like
to use his name because of the negative vibration it carries.

“. . . that which became the negative went in competition with God:
he does not represent them . . .”

Many people use the word `Satan’ interchangeably with, or instead
of, Lucifer to describe the Dark Force in the Universe. Elaine
Pagels, professor of religion and noted religious author, explains
that in Biblical sources the Hebrew term `Satan’ describes an
adversarial role. In fact, the word `Satan’ actually meaning `the
accuser.’ Remarkably, along with references to other fallen angels
or to demonic beings, Satan is virtually absent from the Hebrew

These two names for darkness seem to have become inextricably
interwoven when referring to the one Being known more correctly as
Lucifer, a Latin word paradoxically meaning, “light-bearer.” Other
names for Him include Phosphorus (Greek ), Belial, Be’elzebub (one
favored by the Spiritual Hierarchy), the Bringer of Light, or the
Morning Star.

The most common history told of Lucifer is that, as an angel of God,
he got offended by developments in the heavenly realms and one day
struck out on his own. His story should not be confused, however,
with the sons of God who mated with the daughters of men–the Elohim.

As Pagels remarks, Satan, in the Bible, seems to be a figure who is
close to God, as in the story of Job when God boasts to the Satan
about one of his most loyal subjects: “Have you considered my
servant Job, that there is no one like him on earth, a blessed and
upright man.” In this story, the Lord himself even admits that the
Satan had some influence over Him when it comes to the subsequent
tests he lays at Job’s door.

As Satan/Lucifer became an increasingly important and personified
figure in history, stories about his origin also proliferated. One
story related in Pagels’ work tells how an angel, himself high in
the heavenly hierarchy, proved insubordinate to his commander-in-
chief and so was thrown out of heaven– demoted, and disgraced, as
it were, echoing an account in Isaiah of the fall of a great prince:

“How are you fallen from heaven, day star, son of the dawn! How are
you fallen to earth, conqueror of the nations! You said in your
heart, “I will ascend to heaven, above the stars of God; I will set
my throne on high . . . I will ascend upon the high clouds . . . But
you are brought down to darkness, to the depths of the pit.” (Isa.

In many cases, the problem of evil in the Universe related in these
tales begins with sibling rivalry. This is partially true if you
read the entire Creation story as told in the first volumes of my
book. Obviously, however, more of the blame belongs to the Creator
Parents themselves just as more responsibility should be laid at the
parents door for the child’s upbringing. This sibling rivalry is the
basis for many archetypal stories and is mirrored in such well-known
Biblical stories as that of Cain and Abel, Joseph and his brothers,
and also the prodigal son.

Pagels’ summation is that”at first glance, these stories of Satan
seem to have little in common, yet they all agree on one thing: that
this greatest and most dangerous of enemies did not originate, as
one might expect, as an outsider, an alien, or a stranger. Satan is
not the distant enemy but the intimate enemy?one’s trusted
colleague, close associate, brother.”

And that we all too well know is Lucifer — the desire to express
our self-will to achieve our own desires rather than follow the
Higher Will and express our self-will to help fulfill the needs of
something greater than ourselves.

In his commentary on the channelings of the Nine from The Only
Planet of Choice, Palden Jenkins describes how we here on Earth tend
to think of Earth as complex and the heavenly worlds as simple. Yet
the Universe is a complex place too with all manner of different
beings, of many different kinds and stature (see Volume 6), and from
vastly different persuasions and ways of seeing things in Creation.

“Primarily there are those who are variously aligned to the
universal cause of the Creator and the overall purpose of Creation,
then there are those who define their realities and purpose as best
they can, according to their own experience and evolution ? which
might or might not, by varying degrees, be in line with universal
purpose; and then there are those who have set themselves up to
oppose universal evolution, to obstruct it, and to influence beings
of the Universe to forget, lose, deny and go against their original
purpose for being.” These, in particular, in this corner of the
galaxy, are the Orions along with their henchmen the Sirians and the
Annunaki ( related to them both by intermarriage).

The Men from Orion are the agents of what Barbara Clow terms “the
big lie.” SHe says they have engaged in a program of seeding walk-
ins?Orion robots?on Earth (like those described more fully in Volume
6). Their agenda as she describes it fits in well with what we have
just read from Billy Meier.

“The Men from Orion have decided to commence their third battle,
which is going on right now. The Men in Black are tempted to trigger
humans into nuclear conflict in order to gain ultimate control. The
pollution of the earth and the paralysis of well-meaning people is a
behavior pattern from the first two wars in this solar system. For
these Men in Black, who are true fallen angels, this is their third
and last knock . . . If they make the conditions on Earth bad
enough, no one but themselves will be left on Earth, for beings from
Orion can tolerate high levels of radiation because the stars there
are extremely dense. Orion immune systems are very strong, since
their low level of vibration enables them to tolerate the typical
modern diet and exposure to pollution and toxic chemicals. And,
since their agenda is negative, the Men in Black are not agonized
about the genocide of the species.”

“In the last battle . . . crystals were implanted in the etheric
bodies of people by the Orion Atlanteans. . .The crystals are
implanted with a variety of interesting programs . . . The Men from
Orion knew that Earth would undergo another struggle at this point
between the positive and negative forces. Therefore, many of the key
crystals were programmed to help their cause. The end phase of the
plan is to bring in walk-ins from Orion in order to use the crystals
to maximum advantage.”

Jenkins words lay out fairly clearly the three types of being in the
Universe: Those who are `with’ the FATHER i.e., working for the
Higher Good; those who are working, as it were, `on the fence,’
doing the best they can with the understanding they have (ususally
working for themselves); and those who are in opposition to
everything the FATHER and HIS Creation stand for.

One could almost divide Mankind up into the very same three
categories. Which one would are you?

>From a channeling of Darthiel –He who is the Lucifer of our
perception–to me through one of his fragments here on Earth: “What
would you do, Peter? Allow this galaxy to fall? It will not stop
here; I guarantee it. Rule the galaxy as father and son? Allow
this darkness to spread? A million dollars might be tempting,
perhaps a universe, better yet a SuperUniverse, why not ALL of
Creation and the Creator ITSELF?! Because it is NOT the way. It is
not LOVE. This corruption must stop here with US. It is out of a
duty of care and responsibility – not to man, but to the Creator
that this be done. If you are or would allow it all to be
destroyed, then begin by destroying ME! Otherwise, let’s get down
to business and do what we are meant to do. Ball is in your court.”

The ball is in all our courts. Lucifer wants to heal. if each and
every one of us heals that part of Lucifer that is within us,the
rampant self-will, that is the best place to begin. I wish you all
strength and the Love of the Father.

Roswell, NM 88202
Peter Farley