Unified Separation

Wayward forth as we exhume all shortcomings for the loss of a better word. Our encounters are oblivious to our cognizant selves as we look toward the future with lust and with greed.  Our fortitude and insistence becomes skewed when we gain more promise and solitude. For, we know not what is to come, we just barrel forth into the storms, as victimhood prevails over our dank souls through illustrious ambiguity and renowned power of no such circumstance. We benefit not from the greedy. We do not see fit as it is our right to beget these things. We are all unified in one glory, and this is the same that separates us from what we should be doing.  We should be our own entity that falls into place of the whole – not actually looking at the whole and fitting our place and space into it.  We are not all equal, but without a doubt we equal each other.  We do not bring the same gifts, but we are all of the same particle formations.  This is the gift of love, and shall prevail beyond reasoning and logical rationale.  Some moments need to be balanced by emotion and heart based choice in order for them to intermingle themselves into the whole more fervently.  We ask that these things be done yesterday, for our deadline has passed.  However, they will happen in due time when they should.


This is what we beckon, this is how we call.  We are all unified in one justice among many and know this to be absolutely true.