Asphyxiation of Old Habits

The pinnacle mediation of external influences are paramount in the asphyxiation of old habits.  We now see and understand that these truths are evident in what they disclose. In the face of danger fear and regret we are one in our understanding. We make justifications for our beliefs and sorrows for we know not what we are consciously doing. In this, we in fact show our weakness. Blame rather than perseverance and acceptance of countenances. Though idealistic at times, our thoughts are not our enemy nor are they are friend. They vary in range and in strength and at variable times in our cognitive development. We must now understand that we cannot be worn into a beaten submissive jaunt of peripheral existence. But rather, stand in the forefront of our demonic possession and leave it with love. Love it and all pieces of your being and your beingness will soon become oneness with all surrounding factors. All we have is a choice of black and white. Of dark and light, and of balancing our dual gendered, dual spirited, dual natured selves. … and move the fuck on!