The Origins of Darkness and the Road to Recovery Part 3

The Origins of Darkness and the Road to Recovery Part 3
by Peter R. Farley
(using the Spiritual Hierarchy and those members of the Council of

The nature of the Central SUN, the SOURCE of Creation in this corner
of the Universe, is Love. It is the same force which originated all
SuperUniverses, and all other SUPER SUNS. When something comes out of
it, or goes back to it, it is through Love and with Light. Nothing
can reach it if not through Love or Light.

The new first sun created through self-will was a “Dark Sun”, one
which brought darkness/control over others. It was the sun of ego,
the sun that was to take free will and replace it with self-will, the
illusion of freedom, the domination of fear over soul so that soul
became limited and lost it’s connection to Creation’s Infinity;
connection to the Infinity of creativity because with ego there is no
freedom to create anything that is not made of dark false light, the
energy of fear that is meant to control everything that has contact
with it.

In his experimentation with the forces of Creation, Thoth/Hermes
found the “right turn” and he took it, and was able to tap into a
loop that made the connection between the 5th and the 6th dimensions
and in turn finding ways to be able to create his own sun. Now Suns
are self sufficient generators because they need nothing from outside
themselves, they generate energy themselves and are the power sources
to Life all over Creation. It is much like a star, but the stars are
only one type of sun. A sun is something that nurtures life, even if
it depends on, or is connected to other suns, it is still responsible
for nurturing the souls that are in the zone of influence they are
responsible for. These zones can be planets, other stars, voids,
worm hole portals, imaginary planes/bubbles, anything connected or
within the zone these suns feed.

Suns that are made through the LIGHT of the Central SOURCE of
FATHER, are created from the top to the bottom, they are connected to
SUN, and thus have their energy loop that comes down from the 12th
dimension into the
whatever dimension these suns reach at the bottom. Their infinite
energy comes from
SOURCE. These are Suns of Light, that supply LOVE, and LIGHT to those
to them as if they are Power Generators coming from the main Power
Station ?the Power of Love and of Light.

The first dark sun that was created in this corner of the Universe
was the one astronomers call Kochab, one that originates from where
there is still duality on the 6th
dimensional level of reality.

Kochab is just barely the second brightest, and appropriately the
Beta, star in Ursa Minor, and represents the top front bowl star of
the Little Dipper. Together with the other bowl star (Pherkad, the
Gamma star), it makes a small asterism called the “Guardians of the
Pole,” the two seeming in myth to “protect” the pole star. Unlike the
Sun, Kochab (which is not particularly unusual among its class), has
run out of internal hydrogen fuel, and is what is called by
astronomers and other scientists as an evolving orange giant star
that is now running for awhile on the fusion of the helium deep in
its core.

It’s energies come from the 6th dimensional level of reality
downwards instead of from the 12th and then down. This is symbolic
of how duality exists as a half of a whole. When 12 is the whole,
then there is a half that composes one side, and another half which
composes the other. Thus the 6th dimensional level is the highest
place self-will is able
to reach, a place where there is still darkness. Beyond the 6th and
into the 7th, there
is no longer separation because the level of integration is that of
unity consciousness and all minds are connected to Creation and each
other directly from that level on, though even this is currently in
danger of being infected by the self-will spreading throughout this
zone of Creation.

Peter Farley