The Origins of Darkness and the Road to Recovery Part 2

The Origins of Darkness and the Road to Recovery Part 2
by Peter R. Farley
(using the Spiritual Hierarchy and those members of the Council of

Savage energy, rogue to Creation, this “Dark Light” energy had no
intent to ever follow Divine Will… It fueled what would accumulate
within soul and form the “Ego” the self-will that controlled all that
gave it a place within themselves. It would feel like free will, but
it was very different, because the being contaminated no longer had a
will of
it’s own, what it had was the distorted “freedom” that ego allowed.
So, ego would be a source of will, separated from Divinity, one that
would not work with the Divine but rather with the Dark energies of

Fear has many variations. It is what gives the will to control so as
to feel safe, but there is never any safety in it, and no control is
ever complete.

These beings that live with the ego are the darkest ever to be born
and ego is worse than a sickness, it is an ideological thought-based
plague to which only a Master would be immune. And sometimes even
Masters fell through the mistake of experimenting with it, then
taking a long time to heal because of the false feeling of “choice”
that ego gave, and how being egoistic seemed to be freedom. It is no
freedom because ego controls the Soul, and while Soul sees through
the eyes of ego, there is no freedom because ego controls Soul’s very
perception with that quality of “I-ness.”, so that it sees egoistic
self-will as free divine will.

Divine will will never fool and bind.
Anyone would be able to slide out of it with full freedom, if they
chose to. But ego is a prison that controls and is hard to be
released from for it creates attachment and the will to control
everything. It is darkness in and of itself.

Peter Farley