Removal of Threats and Defenses

Once begotten we see no future but one of solitude and/or repentance.

We see but victimhood only until we open our vision to wider perception of perseverance.

Our incongruence to our Selves is only but a figment of our imagination,  and our sound judgment comes into play to convince us otherwise and the portrayal of this faction is often forgotten.

We come to terms with our humanness and our struggle and know not the bounds of internal rebuttal however do as we see fit in the moment’s notice. Defensive yet alive to realize that later this defensive mechanism was but to protect our true desire to persevere. We need not see the light or dark. At the same time we need see the light and dark — in order to grant ourselves the gratitude we deserve to treat ourselves well. What we do now echoes into our future of eternal internal struggle — until we release the need for struggle and continue on our way in acceptance of what lies ahead by maintaining graciousness in the present moment. We will not see the light of day unless we release this bound mentality and give our hearts the bountiful power to “drive the bus”.  We too become victims as those who are unaware, but it is our earthly struggle to maintain that we have the ability to release by taking control with the creative force and power that is intrinsic to our nature and our makeup. We too will see this as a stepping stone to becoming the oneness that ubiquitously coexists in this dimension. For, after all, that is our lot. We must flow with the tides, and step forth into the reality that we created, in order to change that reality if it is our will to do so. We know not of the struggle of others in our existence, but we can at times put ourselves into their conception of their own realities in order to mitigate the circumstances of the clashing of these realities, and this is our duty. It is a difficult dual existence that we are one with. It is a difficult set of circumstances that we create for ourselves, and in turn project onto others. If only all individual creator forces that walk the face of the earth could understand this and live harmoniously amongst all projected realities. But, no, not yet. We must work at this by working on ourselves. We must see the guidance take form from our soul families beyond, for they are learning as we are learning. They are viewing through us so that they too can make this creation a better one in linear time. For, time does not exist except for in the present, and we will not seek to change this until we understand it. Our conscious minds do not always know the answer to our problems of coexistence, but it is our minds of truth that we come to know what path is stricken and how to stride softly and smoothly into said created path. We know exactly what we need to do. We must just ask ourselves for forgiveness, and for the information.

We tend not to listen, acting as a defense in response to an accumulation of past hurts. This is understood only through the bounty of eternity, and must be enacted as such. We are all here as one, and all here together. Please be kind to self, for really it is all that is and was, and all that one can use to access the whole.


That is all