love and all its forms

(An amalgamation of ego talk in first person and guided thoughts to answer the question …..)

To all the [pieces of shit] of the world :
I can’t condemn you because I’d be you if I would have experienced what you experienced. My lucidity is sometimes to a fault. I see beyond and through every one I speak to. For me it has always been easy to do this- And for a time I was unaware that other people do not readily have this ability, it is more latent.

So, I’ve spent my life under the impression that others indeed are intuitive and see these things. But they do not.

Now, perhaps that is due to the fact they they actually CAN see beyond ( we all have the ability no matter what) and have struggled as well to gain a sense of self control, and acquired methods of distraction so as to not focus on the detail of how they perceive others, perceive themselves, and how others perceive them. True enough.Boundless yet with bounds. Knowing yet not- their lot – but no, not yet.

I perceive them in their nature ( the beauty of them intrinsic to their essence and most natural loving state) and get hurt by wrapping them in what their true form is. Getting upset with them because they aren’t truest to their nature at all times in all facets of their existence. ( but who am I to judge, I too have these moments).

One more time we see the fortitude without, and accept and present ourselves and wherewithal withholding.

Once more we see the facets of incongruence and the multitudes of the paradigm shift into something more golden- more substantial. All that we can do is try.

We are all that is, that was, and that ever will be.

Our cognizance of the facts at hand hold no bounty, but the fortitude within. And, at a glance, perhaps by chance, we see and are gifted with the glory of the world through our own perception. ( not an infused societal perception… We are given this gift of life to live our own)

Our predisposed notions at notions’ conception are causally mitigated with others’ interception. Following this is a multifaceted world of inception. – Preconceived notions of the other perceptions’ rejection.

We fill our lives with empty promises, because this morale of others is not our own. Our love does not always beget the same quantity (or quality) of love from another, and falls short (to our standards perhaps). Our shortcomings (us or others) bring us sadness, shame and guilt (at times) but we know that with the ever existing force of love itself, we will be fulfilled in some form of creation or another (energy or love is not created nor is it destroyed).

Being informative informants at no cost to another. We owe each other nothing and everything to some degree. All factions of beings will one day too be in check, and in direct response to being a lovingly manifested conduit of pure creative love.

Our vindictive misappropriation of “love” will no longer serve a purpose. For every “bad” immoral juncture in linear time passing is only but a loss of the true meaning of love, and with that comes contrived versions of purest love that comes in as many forms and notions as there are molecules in existence. Every fiber of our beings know how to love. Every molecule is held together with the force of love, therefore no real thing could exist without some for me of love at causal inception.

Centrifugal force of the boundlessness of creation is where we lie. We are not dead beyond this world of the third dimensional frequency. Rather, we are held down to this dimension until we release the need to find love outside of our selves.