Release of Exacerbation

(To preface… The “I” referred to is that which this avatar experiences through Source and that through which Source has experiential evidence…..)


I’ve had an epiphany one that cannot harbor no guilt nor abhor no countenances against the creation of the universe. One of many. One that can not destroy nor hilt any of the olfactory route and (in petitions )in submissions of the Galaxy. What can we be if nothing is at stake. What can we see if we do not partake. What can we be guided to do if we cover with the fake . All is good and well as far as we can tell. All is as it should be and all is what it could be. For we are now but one. Unconditionally and unsung. We are now prefunct

What deems it necessary to collide with the facts that deride.

Our goal is our destiny and our oneness is accessory. So that we may be the experience of the source And that source be experienced through us. We are the ones that get High. We are the ones that defy. We are the ones that ignite our paths to oneness and fulfill this destiny manifest. What we hold now will only work against us. It is the freedom of the choice to let go of the struggles that will keep us alive in all the rebuttles for nothing else exists if this ugliness persists. For we are all but one otherworldly and unsung . For victims of the crimes that duty calls from prime and prime cannot. Prefunction for all of lives reduction for all of lusts rambunction
We are all but one.
Concentrate more fully on what source is doing through you and then you will but find all that is said and known to be true

And that is all
All the answers are here with us whether we know it or not. We are but one olfactory gland symbolistic society to fathom all of the inertial turmoil and and anxiety
For what we are now is what we will become
But if we are one then our work here is done
Work ends where maintenance begins
Causing all the lies to be dismissive or submissive to or of the sins

Too much we gather or rather to much we escape to find the true love of our life and that’s us. One whole being seeing what we are seeing

We all see the same we are not victims we are the game