Stagnation or stillness ; incompetent illness

There’s a feeling of remorse
Of going back and forth
Of seeing the unseen
Of purging the unclean
For all the hope was gone
But was there all along
And just needed to be nurtured

From whence we came and whilst we go
We can pinpoint the circumstances that forego
And whilst we banter
Our lofty candor
It recapitulates the fact and need
That all minuscule banality we must supersede
For all is lost if we don’t move forward

Stagnation is the bane of existence
And can be overcome with willingness and persistence
And with this said it can be done
The dual internal war can be won
In stillness and in rest
Our internal struggles those moments detest
For feeling is the hardest part
For things that were not healthy at their start
I digress

What is this life if not for living
What is our heart if it has refusal of forgiving
What can we do if we don’t move along
What can we do once we realize we did it all wrong
Faith fate and duty are forthcoming and overdue
And this onward propulsion is one to pursue
In latent eyes we despise our digression
But we patent our vision with awareness and discretion
At wits end

Fortuitous pursuance of our independent need
Our vindictive perception of ourselves as a motionless greed
But if it were not for this ego to be subtle
Our entire existence will be consistent masochistic rebuttal
In fruition we see fit
Intuition must permit
And all of the likelihood of failures will fade away
And the new beginning is the start of each and every day
For forgiveness of self is the most important decision
Otherwise shit in your pants, & sit in shit in a fit of derision
Permission to move along

All the encounters I’ve long forgotten
All of the internal contusions bolstering the mind to go rotten
Isn’t it funny the ways things go
When you feel what you should have done was not done and you didn’t grow

Guidance has a way to subdue this panic
To become a comprehensive being with a balance of depressive and manic
When we know who we are and why we must thrive
When we want more than to just fucking survive
When we do what we do in order to ensue
Upon like listless sorrow that the majority pursue
Not I

For we are more than just humans we are avatars and of spirit
Having a human experience is how few might hear it
But without all factions of beings in their willingness to surmise
The universe would plummet into demise, no surprise

For if dignified infractions of atomic interactions
Were able to visualize these petty transactions
Then wouldn’t it be nice
to advise one self with sound advice
Of a world of hope forgotten

Because for now we be the cause of insurrection
Of pitiful lofty harboring of repugnant resurrection
For to it now will all be lost
Will the internal persistent asshole be the one to accost
That a mess

Without all this fury
We would calm as a jury
Just judge for what ones worth
Was the implantation at birth
For its not what we are or were or will be
It perhaps might just be how we see what we see
And if we stop and take a moment to correct all these deeds
Then we will be those few that grow from the numerous strewn seeds
Flowing and fluid as we see fit

Where do they go the lost and forgotten
The sewerage of earth, the ones that went rotten
Are they bums are they sick are the medicated or dead
Or are they to be loved and forgiven instead
We are not the judge to pursue judging crime
For we were all babies truly, at one time
We were beaten by others and beaten by our selves
We were used and abused and put back on shelves
And were lost

What’s the indication
When we seek resignation
Are we tired or bored
scared mired or abhorred
Gentrification of the alleys of our minds
Can come to pass when we surrender internal binds
When will this end?
Ones thoughts are not at all moments their friend
We must regulate these patterns for that’s our gift
We can change the course of the future with present thoughts that lift
To the motion of need
And with sorrow indeed
Give it up say fuck it and go and move on

That is all