That Feeling that One has of Dying; Prevail

That feeling that one has of dying…

What is that feeling.  Have you ever felt like dying? Or that the worst moment would never end?  That the coping strategies for all the wretching emotions are unhealthy and that you might die without them?  Whether they be substance abuse, relationship abuse, or the like.  The internal struggle pervades us.  Invading our daily life with no avail. Is this struggle permanent? Once we begin to unveil the depths of our souls we are then held accountable for all the struggles we endure.  And for what? Why must we struggle? Why are we punishing ourselves for things we have done, or things that we might do without living in the present moment?WHAT DOES THIS DO FOR US? HOW IS THIS WORKING FOR US?

We must advocate for our own Self Will so that we might prevail in all of our pursuits.  Whether these are imaginary, spiritual, physical, mental.  All are the same and manifest into creations beyond our control at times.  Once we grasp the fact that we are creator Beings in this superuniverse, we can understand that what we think, we create, and what we create affects the outcome of the future.  We must create vibrant lively art of all kinds so that we may enrich our sacral power toward a greater loving good for all of the superuniverses.  And this starts with Us. Within us, manifesting these good loving vibrations that reverberate into the aether.  This is our life’s work, and we must do it well.  Our job as humans is acceptances, surrender, and love of our mission so that we might not suffer any longer in any momentary dissatisfaction with what we are becoming.  For what we do now is what we become, and what we become affects other beings as well as the kaleidoscopic universe and universes we inhabit.  We must prevail.  Prevail in ourselves and be one with us.  We are all we have.  Alone in the mountain, we are alone in our Self and know that all we can do is strive for accepting that we are perfection in the nature of our beingness and oneness with ourself.  We are perfect just the way we are born to be in our intrinsic amalgamation of dna and external/internal influences.  We are us and we are each other. We are the world we create and the drama we manifest.  Let us make it love and light.  Lightworkers awakened.