Vindicated yet repugnant my heart’s desires. for all the quests that my soul admires. you quake for me i see it now, dear Mother earth for you know how to vindicate to assimilate all the times and instances of battles unwon of victims unsung. Of proportionate scum. that walks the earth in search of rebirth. all the men of dark matter that cannot be reborn or see past their tunnel vision because all the know is ludicrous derision. all they see is benefit for the mighty few, and will do what they have to do in order to survive their legacy. They kill and squander the victims livelihood by becoming powerful in their own rite, and with their distinct sense of smell they scope out the belligerent and murder them from within or hire someone to do their bidding. They are trained for the dark yet their power knows no bounds. They are an insidious collapse of mental capacity and in all their capricious glory they feel satisfied. All they must do now is win and grin to the masses knowing that the masses are inhibited by the control and power they have over the decision making process in wars and in peace. They can fund peace. But war is more financially rewarding. Funding both sides for the repugnant countenances of the masses through whom the exude their finest power. Control. All of this funding and resourcefulness of the darker forces is utterly absurd and they will see this in their next life. Perhaps not. Perhaps their tyranny shall reign unless they see that the masses wake up and fight against these insidious smarmy creatures that hold themselves in high regard. Where do they get their confidence? Were they neglected as a child and so must prove themselves worthy by their power? They had no motherly love from the Goddess? Precisely…

Dear ones,
These characters characterize themselves by creating vindicating principles. Satanic intervals that move through their internal paradigm shift. The instinctive nature to value mind over spirit. They do not have sound souls, they do not see pleasure in good, but only in monetary gain. They are the forbidden fruit masters. They keep the masses lowered to a specific level so that they may reign in their repugnant nature. As you were at once involved in the Lighting of these torches, the ones set aflame by all the ridiculous jargon they find themselves saying to prove themselves worthy to themselves. Once they see fit they will demolish and diminish anything in their path to serve themselves and their good humor. Be wary of these things and these delusions they instill. For they are the victims of their own belligerence, and too shall see their fall.
be at peace with them and love them for what they are for the hate you beget in response to them is hate you beget for yourself