All there is…..

All there is, is days and moments to grow and moments of flight (light)…

Moments to know when to step down or to fight…


Moments we sit & remember our plight…

Subliminal messages cause us to grow in what the media allows – and what it won’t show.


All of this shining – Events that are lost.

All of the fighting – Battery and Accost.


We know now how Spirit works –

Lurches forth within our internal waters – firth.


We want that ambition we want all that sound,

We want that ambition for us to abound.


We want recognition, to stand out ; astound.




Victims of death we are not.

Predicators of Truth, and pursuing our lot.


We are the World and with it, our Tenure

We are amibitous in our viscuous surrender

We are ambitious creatures – our hope is rendered.


We are solutions to what we have lost.

We are fruitions of time that’s in flux.




What we know now is Truth beyond reason

Being vindicated to our Karma in every post-operate Season.


Loving the one who created our Souls

Loving the Experiment of our world and its goals.




Come to Fruition, let it perish not

For we are the world that we long ago forgot


We are the ones to be forward, with ease

We are the ones to cure our own personal dis-ease.


We are the people, the soldiers the kind,

That watches through listless eyes of the Merciful Benign.


We come forth as creatures who inhabit the Earth

For this time, in all time, until our rebirth


Coming forth and seeing and loving who we are

Being one and being all, even those that are scarred or bizarre


What is it youre doing here, What is it you seek

Do you forgive yourself for sins, just as you would the blind the meek, and the weak?


Ban all those inhibitions,

ban all of them now

Ban the creatures of habit, the instinctively banal

Ban all whove taken from you when you took their call

For they made you stall

Ban these monsters and bandits, if their habits makes you fall.


What is it you seek

They ask me so often

What is it I seek? To flow and grow more often

What is it I say? Am I just surviving until my coffin?


For hardened it is the depths of my heart

To banish the winds that this rage did just start


For what are the creatures that reign on the earth

Satisfaction and indignance for fortuitous worth.


Go now then and find that love

For again We are Here sending our purests Love from Above.


We are with you always

So, Be. And Be Not Afraid, for our Fear makes us Roam,

For Fear is what Drives Us But Love takes Us Home!